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2 Warning Types Possible?

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There is the heat seeking missile warning:

ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.warningType 2

Would it be possible to add a second warning type on the same pco for laserguided missiles?

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Yes. All the bf 2142 vehicles have 3 warnings.

rem ---BeginComp:WarningHud ---
ObjectTemplate.createComponent WarningHud
ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setWarningType TTHeat 1
ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setFirstWarningSound TTHeat HUD_Laser_Track_Warning
ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setSecondWarningSound TTHeat HUD_Laser_Track_Warning
ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setWarningIcon TTHeat Ingame\GeneralIcons\Action_Icons\large_laserlockicon.tga
ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setWarningType TTMagnet 1
ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setFirstWarningSound TTMagnet HUD_MotionMine_Warning
ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setSecondWarningSound TTMagnet HUD_MotionMine_Warning
ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setWarningIcon TTMagnet Ingame\GeneralIcons\Action_Icons\large_mineicon.tga
ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setWarningType TTUnique 1
ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setFirstWarningSound TTUnique HUD_Laser_Track_Warning
ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setSecondWarningSound TTUnique HUD_Laser_Track_Warning
ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setWarningIcon TTUnique Ingame\GeneralIcons\Action_Icons\large_laserlockicon.tga
rem ---EndComp ---

Mines ude TTMagnet target system. Ofc you can change some of them to TTLaserGuided if you need.

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Is there any way to turn these alert sounds off server side. I tried commenting WarningSound lines out to no avail, it crashes the server, and hangs the client up on connect.

My autocontroled AA scanning the sky, set these off like rain on tin roof, and its very annoying as hell to hear this constant beeping. Esp. considering they just briefly see you during their sweep, and if they don't get a lock on you, which most of the time they don't, they don't do anything, just continue spinning around and scanning.

Worse, the view distance for this alarm seems to be infinite, and not connected to the view distance of the view distance setting in template you use (SentryGunAA) in the autocontroller ai file.

Bah humbug....

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