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Hello there, I'm going completely mad playing with a hud. I mean really. Anyway, I made a fake nightvision using a newly made hud mask similar to the nightvision texture from special forces which overlays the screen and used the blend effect to shade it green, make the darks a bit brighter and vice versa. It kind of looks okay and is essentially good enough to be useful but this is without the techniques used in special forces so I havn't got the soldiers to glow or bright lights overpowering the nightvision.

I found roughly the right spot to insert it to get it so it colours/inverts the right parts of the screen. I had made a special hudelementsnightvision.con file to get the look right.

The next immense challenge for me is getting it switchable. I've finally got it as an item I can select but it only works when I have it selected. When i change back to a weapon it goes back to normal. I've a few theories on how to do it but I don't really know what I am doing, like I can't find a lot of explanation of some of the code or how to use it. I guess this is the problem everyone must have, no instructions. What I'd ideally like is to make it so I can turn it on and off regardless of what weapon the character is holding.

I understand this is tricky so I don't expect floods of answers but if any good person could give me a clue whether I am wasting my time then I would be very grateful. Maybe what I am attempting isn't possible.

Also, along the same lines, does anyone know where you would use the renderer commands? Like renderer.empwarpamount, renderer.coronafadespeed etc. Would this be in hudelements or the tweak or con file of the item?


EDIT I discovered how to to apply the simple post processing. In this case, it adds an occasional scan line and blurs the edges like it's glass.



I've been examining the code dumps located in the forum and it looks like the element which makes it switchable (in the same way special forces does it)may be hardcoded into the exe. Looking in the shaders of 2142 and special forces, it does look like special forces has extra layers, if i'm interpreting what I see correctly.

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