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Qtr Taking Forever To Save


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I've navmeshed a map, the mesh came out rather large and after it was done, it had the BFeditor open forever saving the QTR stuff.

I aborted it, fixed the navmesh and used fixNavmesh.bat again and it's again taking forever to save and it says 'does not respond' in task manager, then again it always says that when saving QTR so I'm not sure if it really needs forever to save or there's something wrong.

Any input?

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did you remember to copy the 'ai' folder across from another map into it before you got to that stage?

if your map uses water vehicles, copy it from another map that also uses water vehicles so that you have the LandingCraft water clusters included in your navmesh. or you can update the file yourself so that mapName\ai\ai.ai contains the entry aiPathfinding.map.addVehicleForClusterCost LandingCraft underneath the 'ArmedCar' entry

if you copy it from a map without much water and that LandingCraft entry is missing from the ai\ai.ai file, then the water clusters won't get included in your navmesh and any boats you have will just sit there idling

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Well yeah I did copy the AI folder before I exported GTSData :P here's my ai file

rem ************** LEVEL SPECIFIC AI SETTINGS ***************************

aiSettings.setViewDistance 800

rem *** Init AI using current settings ****

ai.init 2

aiPathfinding.setActiveMap Infantry

aiPathfinding.map.maxSlope 40

aiPathfinding.map.addVehicleForClusterCost Infantery

aiPathfinding.setActiveMap Vehicle

aiPathfinding.map.maxSlope 30

aiPathfinding.map.addVehicleForClusterCost Tank

aiPathfinding.map.addVehicleForClusterCost ArmedCar

aiPathfinding.map.addVehicleForClusterCost LandingCraft

rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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the mesh came out rather large

Its nothing unusual for this step to take an hour or more - if your navmesh is really that big . You should still keep an eye on the editor activity ( it will not respond but shows changes of occupied memory in the task manager ) - and look for red errors in the console output. Errors like 'Polygon is suspicously big' with a very large polygon number ( > 100000 ) point to a VERY big navmesh and will probably need fixing.

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