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Different Weapon Selection Menu Based On Army?

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Hi, Was wondering if anyone knows if it is possable to have different menus based on what Army is selected for the team in the maps Init.con

I am looking to add multipule teams to my mod but no 2 of them will require the same weapon selection screen.

Failing being able to set it the normal way can I then actualy load menu files from with in the level using the init.con to call them?

Hope you understand all that.


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Aha but that bit I knew alreade tongue.gif

What I am after, and I will use BF2 as an example, is if I put china in a level (reguardles of weather it is team 1 or 2) it would have a unique Kit Selection Screen, as wound US, Mec and EU.

Each one would be unique and I would need it to know what is in Team one and what is in Team 2 based on the init.con.

Assuming this can not be done, can i then put the menue files or replacement ones in the Level folder and activate it with the level so that every level has unique menues?


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Ahhh so your mod has more than one team as enemies (like BF2 with MEC and China)? If so then yeah, the levels thing should work.

Actually, you could have a couple of .con files floating around the mod, and then run those from the level's init.con

Like, run Objects/example/chinahud.con

Yes thats the idea. But I was under the impression that you coule not use the run command on files outside teh Levels Folder. But if that is the case then I am set. Though I an thinking I will need 2 versions of each one for when the team is team 1 and one for when it is team 2.

Will got on to it and let you know how it goes.

Thanks Mate.

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Well that failed.

First I compleatly removed the Menues to see what would happen. Somehow they where still active.

So I started disabeling the con files from being run by the HudSetup files. This bit works.

Trying to get the deactivated files to be run from the level folder. Failed

Puting the file in the level folder and running it failed also.

Anyone got anymore ideas?

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I tried...

run Menu\HUD\HudSetup\SpawnInterface\HudElementsKitsMenu.con

run "Menu\HUD\HudSetup\SpawnInterface\HudElementsKitsMenu.con"

run HUD\HudElementsKitsMenu.con <-- In the map folder

run "HUD\HudElementsKitsMenu.con" <-- In the map folder

But none of them worked.

In HudSetupSpawnInterface.con I remed out run HudElementsKitsMenu.con so that it would not load the original one. Maybe that was wrong. unsure.gif

But if as you say you hav got it working then that in it self gives me hope. biggrin.gif

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I'm pretty good at HUD'ing, though I'm trying to understand what you are asking.

What I got is that you want individual menus for each individual faction. HUD wise, it can only detect team1 and team2, but you could set up a generic menu and use the map to load a different HUD texture for the faction, just overwriting the default texture.

I've managed to get individual menus for the maps, but it's a buggy situation that I put on hold... If I remember right, the changes were permanent and wouldn't wipe off the next time you loaded a map, so they kept overwriting each other.

If you do some tricky business with the split nodes, you could probably toggle them on the maps, but it's a complicated process. I couldn't ever get individual menus to load on the maps, just overwrite existing ones by putting the HUD itself in a .con file the map loads.

It's possible to load files not in the same folder...


Putting that in the init.con would go to the /Objects/ folder of the /mod/objects/ (the objects_server.zip basically).

Hope I got that right.

Edited by Freeze
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Just knowticed somthing.... Dose it matter which way the slash goes? Dose it mean different things depending on the way it is facing? / or \

I don't think so, but I copied that strip from something one of the level's init.con uses in a mod, so I'd stick with /.

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