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Da Epic Zombie Mod (Need Level Editors/moddlers)


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Alright guys, I decided to take my mini-zombie mod to the next full level.

I posted some stuff about this mod that I was making on various forums



but to cut to the chase, I need a team/person experienced in navmeshing and mapediting.

I only need a single map to be created of a small/closed quarters block with meshes already found in game.

I plan and have definite approaches to add interiors and breakable doors into the map, along with side objectives for the player to complete.

(such as taking down anti_air turrets to allow for more reinforcements which only come via helicopters, barricading a crucial section of the street with a car, breaking the main gate that has tremdous amount of health with a special vehicle that does tremdous amount of damage that has to be escorted, or finding special kits with powered up weapons)

I got the balancing and the game mechanics all modified, with the addition of an ingame camera switch option for third and first person. You can check for videos and stuff in the threads provided but... I need a good mapper/3d model editor.

So, please sign up here.

Oh and a video that explains much more.

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I'm sorry for misleading you.

I haven't updated the thread on the bfeditor forum.

If you look at the bfsingleplayer thread, the issues have been already fixed, determined unsolvable, or dropped for various reasons.

On the other hand, if you could place custom kits/medkits around the map during the development, it would be much appreciated.

I have the rough design of the map layout.

And learned some basic mapping to move around some buildings after their placement.

PS: Shipment 2142 is a great map! I hope this one will be along similar caliber. :lol:

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The mod description I uploaded on MODDB.

Bolded is in progress to completion

To be specific:

*The City has 3 sectors. The residential area with a school and public facilities. (The developers are considering whether the 3 sectors should be all in one map or separate levels.)

*The City can be traversed by street, monorails, train tracks, and cars that have fuel limitations.

*Most buildings in the city will have interiors and holdout spots

*There will be special helicopters and special kits (like the fuel kit to refuel cars/helis/tanks or the demo kit, to blow up gates/doors to unlock new locations)

*There will be breakable doors for the interior buildings.

*There will be elevators and triggerable objects around the map.

*There will be food/medkits/ammo boxes placed around the map that deplete quickly and take a while to recover, forcing players to constantly traverse across the map. (no camping!)

*The player will auto bleed. (hunger effect)

*The human faction does not have any medikits or defibrilators

*The human faction has slightly more ammo and weapon damage to deal with the large horde.

*The human faction has bots.

*The human faction has the ability to switch between third person to first person ingame.

*The human reinforcements comes only via helicopters, which are placed outside of the map.

*Artillery is disabled for humans.

*The human is constantly given side objectives (take out automated air turrets that hinder helicopter reinforcements)

*The human bots can fully access the map with navmeshed stairs.

*The Horde only spawns in a single control point out of the city.

*The Horde outnumbers the human faction.

*In the multiplayer mode, the human player who gets killed by a zombie will turn into a zombie.

*The Horde only have knives for melee attacks.

*The Horde has a higher engage distance. (If a zombie spots you, it will come for you)

*The Horde's AI Commander will target your present location with 1-2 squads of zombies, constantly rushing the player. (This is done by control points all over the map with no spawn that is captured immediately upon player contact.)

*The Horde can sprint for only a short burst.

*Artillery is disabled for the horde.

*The horde bots can fully access the map with navmeshed stairs.

A Zombie Parkour Sample Video that demonstrates the skills a player will need to utilize to survive.

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Here are the meshes I think are good enough for placing into our map.

I'll separate them by category make a map outline with the listed meshes.

I'll also send you the placement guide, a handy html list that give the searchable directory of the objects.










scraper_base_e (school)

scraper_stairs_e (house with freezer top)



pilbox_smal_01 (police station)





refugee model


super secrets spots/items



vehicle cover


trench(sewage) trench_bridge, trench end




pretty decorations












tank obstacle












harbour edge






(Basic components) (used to create interiors)



catwalk stairs

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Alright rhysm,

The Red lines are the walls

The gray blocks are meshes

And the green line is the mono rail.


Can you create just the terrain big enough (better in excess than in deficit) to place all the buildings in the map outline?

Important Fix (The Terrain is Completely FLAT)

I can adjust for excess map space by adjusting the walls of the city.

Can you also export the map (make it playable via the game) so that I can begin to place the meshes on it?


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The terrain should be a completely flat plain. (easy navmeshing)

So please don't generate it. Just use the default flat plain.

Also, please place the human spawn points so I can get into the map while playing the game. (It doesn't have to be coop or sp, just conquest mode would do.)

By placing the meshes ingame, I meant that I was going to place the meshes, and test them out ingame. (sorry)

I might be able to add some scenery (toppled buildings, etc) to give realism to the human spawn point.

I can add the heli spawns, via text code. XD

If you want to place em, that's fine. But the editor might crash.

Do you know how to port the BF2 editor for BF2142?

Lightmapping sounds good, after I place all the meshes.

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wait, you don't have to go through the trouble of adding heli spawns.

I can add them manually myself. (I've done it before)

Unless you really want to. XD

Alright, I'll wait for the weekend.

(Pretty busy over here too actually)

Could you possibly test a server side mod a member of our dev team (Freeze) finishing off?

All you have to do is join and leave. (I live in a different time zone, so its kinda hard for me to test it.)


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Had some spare time today.

Figured out how to publish maps for 2142.

Interior System (A very rough sketch)

A very rough interior of a building without modifying the actual house model.

The explosive crates's mesh will be replaced with a door that doesn't do any damage upon destruction. The door will also have considerably more health, forcing the player to invest his/her ammunition in search of potential loot/safehouse.

Reminds me of Gary's Mod houses.

@UberWazuSoldier: You made a ninja mod in the past?

Do you have any katanas or short sword weapons/models that I could use in the ninja kit? (Credit to you, ofcourse).

Things Scheduled For Completion: (The things needed for mod release - which we(the team) already know how to do.)

*The specialized map for the zombie gameplay. (With a city, residential, and industrial sector all combined in one map.)

*Interiors to all buildings in the map.

*Special missions for the player while playing the game. (Automated Anti Air that the player must take down, special kits, breakable doors, air radio for additional reinforcements)

*A complete navmesh of the map, including stairs

*grid point CPs that capture instantly for the Zombie AI Commander simulate zombie attacks.

*special holdout CPs that have a higher AI priority that the player can optionally secure in order to gain additional reinforcements/reinforcements via foot.

*Medkits/(Food) and Ammo boxes placed around the map at random (which last forever but must recharge after use)

*A even better ingame camera switch system.

*Infection gamemode where if a human bot gets killed by a zombie, they move into the zombie side. (This can be reset by calling in the radio.)

*Zombies able to attack vehicles.

*Special Kits

-Special Automated Defense Kit (deployable turrets, motion mine, pistol, shotgun)

-Medic(Medikit, pistol)

-Squad Leader Kit(Squad Spawn Beacon, pistol, shotgun, rifle, frag)

-Demolition(rdx explosives/C4, frag, shotgun, smg)

-SWAT Kit(Machine Gun, deployable shield barriers, pistol, frag)

-Ninja Kit(Katana, Special Pistol, Frag, Smoke Frag, )


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' date='05 May 2010 - 07:01 AM' timestamp='1273039293' post='97921']

You might have to use 'onPlayerSpawn' instead. onPlayerConnect is never reliable with bots.

Yup, that's the one I'm using now. Just a little reluctant to see the side effects of team switching a player as he spawns... Might end up with the wrong team kit or something, so maybe I'll just kill him and edit the score.

It works fine when the round starts, but when a bot replaces a player it's not so helpful. :lol:

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Very, very busy this week and next week too...

I'll be free after the 12th.

So... no updates till then. XD (you guys can if you make some progress)

I'm going to post the current version of the map if you guys want to play around, improve, or add interiors to it. It's not much but meh, it's a start.

http://www.mediafire.com/?2jwymzjotm4 (It's 3.91 Mb but when unzipped it's 41 Mb)

If you edit the map and want to repack it to play, follow the directions below.

1. Repack the level.

2. Place the init.con file into the server.zip 's root directory. (Replace the original init.con file)

3. Place the gameplayobjects.con found in the map's editor folder (testing/editor) into the server.zip's GameModes/gpm_cq/32 folder.

4. Play! :)

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