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Quick Knife And Grenade


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My Lan Coop server uses bot changer and bf2sp64 mod so I have 64 palyer maps with 50 bots and 14 players.

Is there anyway i can have a small mod which allows you to:

  • Press 'E' for a melee (knife)
  • Press 'G' to throw a grenade but not fire a noob tube
  • Have primary weapon as weapon 1 (on list) (originally 3)
  • Have secondary weapon as weapon 2 (on list) (originally 2)
  • Have others as 3 and 4 (originally 5 and 6)

For all clients on my server

Also is there any way to have unlocks, because all the methods out there simply replace the original weapons, which isn't what I'm after.

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Well, you can change the weapon slots around, but the grenade and knife thing won't work I'm afraid - as cool as it would be.

In each weapon there's an ObjectTemplate.itemIndex line, so you can change the number after it to something else. Watch out that you make sure you don't end up with kits having 2 weapons in the same slot, because this crashes BF2 and doesn't give much warning.

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Maybe you'll get somewhere by adding guns diretly to the soldier. Jets got two guns at the same time, so you place a knife and grenade on the soldier and have one key to fire each in addition to the usual weapon on the number keys. But I don't even want to know how this works out with animations and rearming. :)

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Although this may work in MW2 due to its setup, I don't think "E" would work well as knife in battlefield as it would defeat the purpose of enter. "G" the purpose of pickup kit. Maybe have "1" pull out the weapon (with no startdelay) then change the Fire input to 1 as well? Possibly double tap 1 to knife?? I don't know it sounds like it won't work. If this method works, you coudl do 4 for grenade and 5 for flashbang using the same way.?

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I have been trying to do this since day one. They unfortunatly removed the ability for Kit Weapons to contain multipule fire arms like the vehicles can. This was somthing you could do with 1942 and co. I have also tryed attaching a weapon to the soldier and this causes all kinds of headacks as you can not move and you loose your ability to use any weapons in the kit on the soldier.

On an interesting note. It is compleatly doable in BF Heros. Just ashame you can not create a server and there for mods for that game. :( I am also foping that alot of the BF:H codeing style makes it in to BF3. If so they we will have so muck crazy fun.

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