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Apply Road Spline Makes Terrain Disappear


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Well the 3 pics of your map don't really help here, but welcome to the club.




You're running out of memory to perform the function; it's actually supposed to run out of memory at start, pay attention to the log on the bottom, if it gives you two lines ending with '8192' and nothing else, then your terrain is about to get screwed, if it gives you the same two lines and after them two lines ending with '4096' then you're good.


Though even if you get through here, you might still have an issue with the terrain underneath the road not getting smoothed out, memory again. According to the info from linked threads it seems to be related to graphic cards.

This puzzles me as well as I never had this issue on GF 7600 with 256 Mb, but do now when I'm on GF 9600 with 512 Mb

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