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I believe no one ever nav'd this one, so I Frankensteined a 64p sized navmesh for this map by generating my own mesh for the outer area and stitching it together with the existing BF2 navmesh.

Took some tweaks to get it to work fine, however there are still some holes and quirks around so I included the output folder with the server.zip if anyone wants to improve the mesh.

Also included the editor folder since I don't have much imagination and the GPO is pretty much the same as CQ 32, however I added in two more flags and attack helis, though the EU's Tiger heli doesn't come with the map's files, I had to use the AH1Z.

The overview uses the CQ 32 pic, felt odd without an overview so I recycled it :P



Instructions are in the ReadMe file.

Download (37 Mb):


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After an unsuccesful attempt by SAS to capture the warlord and his palace, several air strikes were called in, leveling the palace to the ground and thus "solving" the issue. A USMC unit occupies the area now, however they're about to be challenged by a MEC force that recently broke through the lines and seeks to retake the city in order to control the nearby river.

It's actually a port rather than made from scratch, I got the detail and colortextures across and the layout is pretty much the same. I obviously had to get rid of all xpack stuff, including the parking garage and the warlord palace and replaced the objects with their BF2 counterparts or similar ones. I did a small ruined area in place of the palace. I also redid the roads.

Relightmapped and renavmeshed respectively, this took me less than a day :D ( I started it yesterday afternoon)

Since its a 512x2 map and relatively small, I didn't bother with smaller sizes, so it's only available in CQ/COOP 64p.

Download link below and while you're waiting, enjoy the pics :) install/uninstall in Battlefield 2/mods/bf2/levels as always.

Download (24 Mb)













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After receiving intel of a destroyed Russian convoy and that fighting between unknown forces had occurred, EU forces arrive into the area, quickly stumbling over MEC forces that had also been dispatched there. Both sides cooperate until they realize the high sensitivity of the material found within the wreckage and after failing to negotiate over which side has claim of the findings, both sides open fire...

I've changed the map a bit, there's no attack helicopters and there's a few extra buildings I added and one area I had to rework, I kept the original compiled roads and CP names, not sure about BF2-only users but the localization seems to work, at least for me, but I have BF2SF localization files :P and as always fully relightmapped and renavmeshed, this time also coming with SP mode for those who are too lazy to use COOP :P otherwise the map is fun and action packed B)

Extract and put the folder into Battlefield 2/mods/bf2/levels/

Download (21.7 Mb)








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Taraba Quarry full sized SP support

I was searching for this and found an archived thread on it at BFSP forums, however the download link was long dead, so I finally got around to making my own.

I didn't spend much time on it, but it seems to work well with a truck load of waypoints between SAs, didn't notice bots dying off, but vehicles sometimes get abandoned when bots drive them off-road. There's also a full-sized CA for jets so you can fly around freely, but aircraft seem to spazz out at 500m, dunno what's with the map.

Had to move a few vehicle spawns including the jets, so bots could take off and added two new flags in the ghost areas that are outside the combat zone on CQ 32.

It's pretty action packed with lots of armor and jeeps driving around and jets spice it up, too.



Download (7.8 Mb)


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