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Carnage At Karkand


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So, It has taken 3 weeks, but I am finished with Carnage at Karkand, an intense urban assault map. It has been repainted and re-terrained. I am going to use it in my Mod "ARMAGEDDON:Total Carnage" but it can also be used in Special Forces, since I only added original bf2, xpack, and booster vehicles. I currently have it in my mod "Urban Assault" which is just orginal bf2 files tweaked. when it is done I will make it available for download with editor files.

I added a full US Base behind the gas station


I changed the gas station to a neutral flag


I also added the real hotel, and turned the current hotel into MEC Army HQ


added a mosque flag


add a tv station


Completed the train tracks and added a power station


Rearranged some warehouses and replaced them with the open versions


Added choppers to the factory


added a communications facility on the mountaintop


more factory improvements


complete map


Instead of having to turn of vehicles for infantry only, I made the 16p level infantry only with light jeeps, then 32p is armor, with scout choppers, and 64p is full on with attack choppers

I scaled back the fog by triple and since most gaming computers process much better it works fine, even with all the stuff I added. I will add the link in a post when i fix 2 problems with the map.

I am also finishing my new Carnage Island (Wake Island) map, and currently under full scale re-do of Dragon Valley

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If anyone wants to play as is for now


the installation instructions are included, and I can run a server. I have Carnage at Karkand, and Wake Island Right now, but with tweaks that make the game fun.

it is just 66mb, and the map is 62mb of that!

OK 6/4/2010 Update 1.1

Fixed Green Out of Bounds

Fixed Floating Objects at communications

updated Menu Maps and Ingame Maps

Fixed Tanks to make them even

Fixed Apache and Hind to match ah1, havoc, and z10

Kakrand Map still needs building shadows, but i will have to let that process overnight

Some Features of Urban Assault Mod:

Purpose of Mod: Fun and Update Vanilla bf2 maps to include all vehicles available to everyone (which is what they should do when they update)

1. Tanks move faster, since their top speed can reach up to 50mph

2. APC, Jeeps, ATV, etc have sprint now added to them

3. All kits have 9 items

4. All rifles have 3 options for firing: Single shot, 3 burst, full auto

5. Longer Sprint times, and higher jump

6. Heavy Soldiers have 150hp, light soldiers 100hp

7. more ammo per weapons

8. AA and TOW have Radar Ability (If I knew how to separate vehicle, and infantry on UAV, I would take infantry detection out of these, but don't know how)


16p Infantry Only - with jeeps, uav, and artillery

32p Armor with scout choppers

64p Lots of Armor, Attack Helis (and Jets if map is 1024)

Most flags have 2 or 3 groups with 5 spawn points each to help prevent spawn camping


Lots of flags in close quarters for intense battles right from spawn (server is set to 10 second spawn time)

Lots of AAS, TOW, and SMG placements, even far from flags

Increased visibility for sniper battles

99% of all of the buildings have 1 - 2 ladders to reach roofs, and other ledges

All closed warehouses are now open and ready for battles or using as shortcuts

Completely re-terrained and re-painted (Sorry may not completely match surrounding textures, but close)

I will also include all editor files in a zip in case anyone wants to do their own, I have all textures and color textures ready to go.

Wake Island (Soon to be Carnage Island Update)

2 US Carriers with:

4x F35

2x F18

2x Ah1

4x uh60

2x MH6

Airfield spawns

6x j-10 or 1x f-18

2x z10

2x wz11

4x z8

1x fantan or 1x a-10

ADDED AA vehicle, and 6 more aa sites

Carrier Defense now has UAV that reaches 450

Jetskis and Speedboats have sprint

2 new flags

Since this map has a very little number of objects, I increased fog to 1000

I plan on adding 2 or 3 more carriers with capturable flags, but they will be on fire and appear to be sinking.

Next will be Dragon Valley.

When I figure out my new router I will run a server

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OK Rhino, just for you. I changed my colormaps, pretty close to original Karkand



I also added Karkand Estate Homes on the mountain up to the TV station, a lovely community overlooking all of downtown Karkand and the garment district.

I just have a few issues before I upload it again with editor files for anyone, I posted my issues in level editor forum.


Suburbs from top of new hotel


Train Accident from top of new hotel


Old Hotel (MEC ARMY HQ) From top of new hotel, notice chopper on roof, I was able to use my zipline to get back over.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Wow! Great job there!

Really put a lot into this.. And it definetly helped toning down the colors a little!

Might even fire up the ole BF2 to play this one!

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Sorry, I just moved and haven't had internet for over a week.

I have just uploaded the latest version of the map and it works great with one exception, there are no building shadows. I ran the lightmap compiler for 2 days, and it only generated 120 out of 2486 objects, and I figure at that rate the map would be ready by Christmas. I have uplaoded one with a Mod that is more for fun, UrbanAssault - basically includes tweaks for all orginal and add-on vehicles and soldiers, you can edit the init.con and change the teams for a version that is for use with special forces if you dont like the mod play. just copy it into your special forces levels folder


1. Default Grass now displays

2. M6 vehicle speed adjusted

3. Terrain Shadows

I Have also included the Editor files for those who want to tweak it themselves. includes: splines, roads, groundproperties, etc It also has all photoshop files for editing the ingamemap and menu_maps.

My mod also has version 1 of Wake Island that I am going to edit into my Mod as 'Carnage Island' but you can have fun playing around on this one.

Installation Instructions:

1. Unzip the file into your mods folder

2. Copy Booster_client and server zips into the mod folder otherwise some vehicles will not show up.

I know of 1 bug that for some reason I cannot fix, but it is a 1 in a million chance you would find it, it is on the 9th pic and is shown by the colored arrows, and I am sure there are a few more, but would like others to play so I can get some feedback on other issues. I will also try to run a server as soon as I set up my router in the next day or two.

Here are some new pics, Remember this map is graphics intense so if your machine runs slower, adjust your view distance.














I Will Post The DL Link Tomorrow

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I am going to run a server for the next few evenings if anyone has this mod and map, I know the vehicles and kits are a bit over the top, but I am more interested in map bugs.

Server Name is UrbanAssault

Anyone know how to run an internet server using DLink Router?

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I am running fine

1. Unzip in Mod Folder

2. Copy Booster_Client, Zip from bf2 to UrbanAssault mod folder


Copy the Carnage_at_Karkand to XPack levels folder, change teams in Init.con to Special Forces Teams - play

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Regarding the server setup:

You need to forward the ports in the back of your BF2 manual to the server pc, sometimes it's called Port Forwarding, sometimes NAT, but it's not so much the router and NAT-setup you need to worry about, it's your connection speed.

For a map like this, you probably need a 5-10 Mbit/s connection (Download AND Upload especially).

Otherwise setting up a server is pretty straight forward. Use BF2CC for easy configuration.

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My speed has been tested at http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/


Download Speed: 30306 kbps (3788.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 1723 kbps (215.4 KB/sec transfer rate)


I have uploaded a fixed version of the file to the site for DL as of 7/7/2010, I also fixed some floating objects.

My brother-in-law and I played a LAN Game of the Map, so freakin Fun! No LAG at all with 2 people, a little in the chopper, but that can be fixed by adjusting view distance.

I am working on AI for the map, and building shadows. I will upload when they are ready to play.

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