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Extracting Sound And Music Files From Bfbc2

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Hello. Im working on multi offset extraction :)

#include <File.au3>
#include <Array.au3>
#include <StaticConstants.au3>
#include <String.au3>

$f = @ScriptDir & "\a.res"
$size = FileGetSize($f)
$file = FileOpen($f, 0)
$chars = FileRead($file, $size)

$Hex = _StringToHex($chars)
MsgBox(0,"f", $Hex)

$DD = _ReadOffsets($Hex, "FFFFFF")
_ArrayDisplay($DD, "D")

Func _ReadOffsets($Data, $Value)
$counter = 1
Dim $A[2]
While Stringinstr($Data, $Value, 0, $counter) <> 0
	$pos = "0x" & Hex(Stringinstr($Data, $Value, 0, $counter)/2)
	Redim $A[$counter+1]
	$A[$counter] = $pos
	$counter += 1
$A[0] = $counter-1
Return $A

This code give us Array with 0 element:Number of founded offsets next elements: Offsets in Hex
























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Can someone please post a download link to all the sound files? I do not own a xbox version of bc2 so I can't do it myself :( Please help! I really want these files.

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I'm also interested in this, there has been a pack online but it has been removed. This one was also recorded ingame.

I am capable of getting the res files in wav format.

The fire sounds are in .wave format, if you adjust their header and rename them to res, they tend to work, but not all of them (the ones I need :()

- my mistake, easy peasy ;)

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