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Impact Effect Problem

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I'm creating a mod for BF2, and I need to have a bullet impact effect which only shows a woodsplint, the effect has to the same with all materials.

The problem is that I've created the effect and it did work fine, but then i wanted to change some of the emitspeeds (and the name of the effects), but now it displays to woodsplints instead of the one i need. Ive tried to replace the hole effect folder with my backup but it does not change effect.

It seems like there is some file outside the /objects_server/effect that has an impact on effects.

Please help me.

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It would be helpful if you posted the code of your effect. The amount of particles in an emitter is determined by the length of the effect :

ObjectTemplate.timeToLive CRD_NONE/1/0/0

and the intensity of the emitter :

ObjectTemplate.intensity CRD_NONE/10/0/0

adjust those to emit only one splinter.

These are settings from one of my destruction effects emitting only one particle.

The effect played in an impact is set in /common/Material/MaterialManagerSettings.con . Here you find initiator-target cells for collisions between materials followed by a sound defintion and an effect. The Material ID's are set in /common/Material/MaterialManagerDefine.con

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Well, I changed the effect by changing:

ObjectTemplate.emitFrequency 8

ObjectTemplate.emitTime 0.15

This code is should give only one splint and it does, but somehow there was TWO different effects, one was brown and one was white with different emitspeed. (white is the color i need to use)

I finally got i back to normal after replacing and changing the hols objects_server.zip a couple of times, of course I lost some work but its nothing that I can't fix pretty fast, so I guess the problem is solved.

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