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400 Objects Into 1?


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So i was wondering if you can/ if so how, to take like 500 objects in editor and turn them into one maybe?

why im asking is because i have a 4km map and im trying to turn it into a neighborhood but each house is very detailed with its yard.. so if i can make like parts of this neighborhood into 1 object each part.. i could make more objects?

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imo it wouldnt be a good idea due to the way the engine culls objects out of view,i am not entirely sure but if you have ten houses attatched via a tweak to a house thats out of view,the ten houses may cull (dissapear) because the parent house has been culled.


if your making this neibourhood in 3dsmax the result will be different because you can make static objects that fills a map,but a static object that fills a map will need to be a fairly low in polygons due to the object not using lods.

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well, you could do a little fiddling with the staticobjects.con.. Copy the entire neighbourhood and save it to an external file (so you have the original positions) then go in the editor and move the neighbourhood to the desired place. Once done, you just re-insert the old values (giving two neighbourhoods, one in the original place).

I did do some experimenting on some sort of saving groups in the editor (dont remember the exact name though). But its a slow and unsafe process, and will without doubt crash a lot..

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^ As he said

But again, be careful with the editors copy paste functions.. takes a nuclear powerplant to prevent it from crashing, and it probably still will, so remember to save a (hell) lot..

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