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im searching for those bf2 sound tools .. so i can change the menu_music.ogg file .. cz the Decoding / Encoding isnt working for me ... anyway im just trying to play a different menu music in my mod ... and failed so far using "Sony sound forge 10 " any way if any one can post/upload the bf2 sound tools that would be perfect

tnx in advance :D

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Mmmh well I made a little bf audio converter app; converts any audio/video file to:

- menu music (stereo, 44100 hz) ogg file

- 1P (stereo, 22050 hz) wave file

- 3P (mono, 22050 hz) wave file

All seem to work.

I only have some questions...

1. Are the above 3 the only used types?

2. Am I allowed to use the oggenc.exe file?

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well im still having problems converting a .ogg file that would work lol i mean why wouldent be like the normal ogg converter ? all you need to do is conver them and your done .. anyway i really need some help on how do you the bf2 tools the files are just tooo confusing xD.. how do you convert an ogg file that will eventually "work" on my menu music "menu_music.OGG"

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Well with the oggenc.exe program. Draag 'n drop a 22 khz wav file onto it.

My program does it in 2 steps:

1. ffmpeg.exe converts the input file to a 16 bit pcm 44 khz wave file

2. oggenc encodes the wave file to the menu music ogg.

If you need my program (with ffmpeg.exe) then I'll upload it to filefront real quick.

Still a WIP since I do not know what audio types I need next to the 3 listed above...

If anyone is interested in the source code; here it is (vb.net):

    Private Sub processfile()
           Dim fmp As New Process
           fmp.StartInfo.FileName = "bin\ffmpeg.exe"
           If convtype = 1 Then fmp.StartInfo.Arguments = "-y -i " & sourcefile & " -ac 2 -ar 22050 -acodec pcm_s16le " & destfile
           If convtype = 2 Then fmp.StartInfo.Arguments = "-y -i " & sourcefile & " -ac 1 -ar 22050 -acodec pcm_s16le " & destfile
           If convtype = 3 Then fmp.StartInfo.Arguments = "-y -i " & sourcefile & " -ac 2 -ar 44100 -acodec pcm_s16le " & Chr(34) & tmpfile & Chr(34)
           If convtype = 3 Then
               Dim ogp As New Process
               ogp.StartInfo.FileName = "bin\oggenc.exe"
               ogp.StartInfo.Arguments = "-o " & destfile & " " & Chr(34) & tmpfile & Chr(34)
           End If
           Dim outtype As String = ""
           If convtype = 1 Then outtype = "1P stereo 22050 hz PCM wave audio"
           If convtype = 2 Then outtype = "3P mono 22050 hz PCM wave audio"
           If convtype = 3 Then outtype = "menu music stereo 44100 hz Ogg vorbis audio"
           MsgBox("File: " & sourcefile & " has successfully been converted to " & outtype & ".", MsgBoxStyle.Information)
       Catch ex As Exception
           MsgBox("Conversion failed: " & vbCrLf & ex.Message, MsgBoxStyle.Critical)
       End Try
   End Sub

And um mscho: Could you please explain why you need to use the serial and bitrate of the original ogg file when you replace? Without doing it the music plays also... :blink:

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Ok uploaded: Download it here from fielfront

Unpack the archive and run the Battlefield Audio COnverter.exe

Open a file by dragging in onto the window or by opening it in a browser.

Then save it in the desired format.

It then starts to convert; some cmd windows will pop-up.


I'll start a new topic for the different sound types.

Edited by bergerkiller
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Crap, um a second.

Forgot to add a dll.


dl link

Ow big note:

Do not drag and drop the music file onto the executable, then the working direcotry changes and then it fails to find the plug-ins. :lol:

Just start by double-clicking the exe and then open it.

With drag 'n drop I meant dragging and dropping it onto the window :D

Edited by bergerkiller
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If it now throws an error on startup then there is something wrong with the location of the plug-ins.

I changed all paths to fixed, so it should find them at all times now. :unsure:

And um, btw:

There seem to be only 4 major different types:

- mono 22050 hz waveform

- stereo 22050 hz waveform

- mono ogg vorbis

- stereo ogg vorbis

It didn't matter what sampling rate or bitrat I used for the ogg files, am I right? :huh:

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