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Terminator Style Player Spawn With Lightning Effects

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If you've ever watched a terminator movie, when the Terminator is shot through time and appears in the current time, he appears naked in a ball of fusion lightning.

There is a similiar effect that happens to the Mech when it gets blown up or hit by lightning, e_emp_wave, e_EMP_Mech, as_heavy_mech_EMPEffect, or something like that, not sure which.

I don't know anything about triggering effects (as adding or changing them has never had any effect server side modding only !@#$), but it would be cool to add this effect on a player spawn.

rem ---BeginComp:DefaultDetonationComp ---
ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultDetonationComp
ObjectTemplate.detonation.explosionMaterial 53
ObjectTemplate.detonation.explosionRadius 6
ObjectTemplate.detonation.explosionForce 8
ObjectTemplate.detonation.explosionDamage 240
ObjectTemplate.detonation.detonateOnWaterCollision 0
ObjectTemplate.detonation.endEffectTemplate e_emp_wave
ObjectTemplate.detonation.useMMOnEndEffect 1
ObjectTemplate.detonation.isEMPWeapon 1
ObjectTemplate.detonation.detectionRadius 1.5
ObjectTemplate.detonation.maxDepthForExplosion 2

ObjectTemplate.create EffectBundle as_heavy_mech_EMPEffect
ObjectTemplate.createdInEditor 1
ObjectTemplate.floaterMod 0
ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0
rem -------------------------------------
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_as_heavy_mech_EMPEffect_Start
ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.966495/-0.565237/-0.11025
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate e_EMP_Mech
rem -------------------------------------
ObjectTemplate.setStartOnEffects 131072
ObjectTemplate.setStopOnEffects 262144
ObjectTemplate.timeToLive CRD_NONE/3/0/0
ObjectTemplate.randomAgeFactor CRD_NONE/1/0/0
ObjectTemplate.startAtCreation 0
ObjectTemplate.speedFromPhysics 0

def onPlayerSpawn(player, soldier):

IN  bf2142\python\ga,e\gamemodes\gpm_cq.py

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