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this is my first map. I have only really touched on the terrain and the sky dome thus far. Things are going slow (being new to this all) and just these two have taken me all day to get to a half decent level.

I need to some how make the terrain arker.. perhaps making the light in the world darker or something.

If anyone has any tips on making the land darker (to fit the sun set sky dome) please say so :)

2 screenies for the moment.. one of the soldier view in bf2 editor and one of the overview of the terrain.



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you can run terrain lightmaps on medium to make the ground darker and more realistic...

then when you are done with the map you can make another map(call it testmap or whatever) and use the blank files in that lightmap folder to replace the temp ones you made to see the darker terrain...

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just attempting to make the US field base..

in the first pic we see two AA emplacements.. that should make those chopper flag capturers think twice =) I have also added 2 tanks..might make it a total of 6 tanks for each side..as, well. it is meant to be a tank battle map in a sense.


and these are two guard towers looking over the back road entrance to the base.


anyone have an idea on how to put gun emplacements in the gaurd towers?

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right.. decided on a firm terrain finally....

i have only just started the first 'Base'..so it does look bare atm.


and the attack heli area at the back of the base


and the basic minimap (not generated any lightmaps yet. So it is slightly cartoonish for the time being :)


The US base is at the bottom left of the mini map.. the MEC base will be at the top right and an abandonned base will be made at the bottom right. There is also an mirage/oasis water feature (envmaps and colouring of the water done, just need to 'decorate the area) which will be another CP. i also might add two other CP's aswell.

on the left of the mapis a canyon of sorts that has a dirt track road going through it. which should, hopefully.. be the scene of some hectic fighting =)

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yeah.. i was thinking about the sky bit.. i wanted to make it sun set as in the Desert that would be the ideal time as durign the day it's scorching and at night it's freezing heh..try to make it reasonable, as it were. I have used the editor cloud layers, both of them..i'd need to toggle the colours slightly if i can. But yeah..i think i'll try a new and darker sky when i eventually get near the end of the level creation :)

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i know.. the explanation behind it (in my head anyway) is that there is an abandonned base on the map and the US and MEC forces are racing to get to it as it is a pivotal base that secure the entry and exit into and out of africa by land. So they both built make shift outposts (both have the thills surrounding them..so it's equal in a sense heh

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thanks for the comments :) much appreciated!

i started on the abandonned base area.. but i could make it the MEC base instead (for realism reason they overrun the base and the yanks have to take it back? hmm) anyway.. altering the terrain and placing the walls took about 5 hours o.0..perhaps when i get more experience it might not take so long heh.

the terrain has been medium lightmapped.. also turned the fog off..so it might look blergh. but this is the foundation of the base.


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