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Colormap Tiles Dont Line Up


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My compiled colormap tiles dont seem to be lining up. I dont know if it was always doing this but it became very obvious once I added some roads and they were burned onto the colormaps. Is this normal? I have the map temp painted with tpaint, so will it go away once I start hand painting it? I intend to paint gravel/dirt color and detail along the edges of the roads so they mesh better.






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i must say i do like this map of yours. But one suggestion, if you have any texture layers left, try and use a dirt/mud texture to outline the roads and perhaps lower the opacity and add some dirt or mud to the grass.. try like 20-30% and do that here and there.. just adds some variety to the grass and makes it look a tad more realistic.

of course you can ignore me, that is your prerogative x)

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He he, ya it kinda perfect for making a map! :D

Hey, can one of you bf2 genius guys help me figure out the correct ground property settings for my map? I'm am getting some shifting terrain and detail anywhere there is an abrupt change in the heightmap. In the editor it looks fine but in game its awefull.



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Ah, I knew it had something to do with the tilings. Do I only need to adjust it for layer 1 (steep) or do I need to change settings on the adjacent layers aswell?

I read this thread (you created it) and it had some information regarding this issue but I am still a little confused as to what tiling, lowdetail type and planemap actually do (or change)

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does anyone know what the "planemap" setting does?
planemap is used when your surface is not horizontal but e.g. a mountain or cliff side ( the steep part ). It takes care of mapping those correctly for larger distances ( lod reduction) especially for the lowdetail maps.
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