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Amongst the rif raf and jumbled shenanigans in the library of the Editor. Is there a light source that will effect objects? Glow, clearly does not as seen in my SSs. DalianGlow affects the immediate surrounding terrain but now objects.

Please tell me I don't have to manually edit the lightmap and find every polygon that is interior and add point to it...


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i did a couple of statics for jones map 'vacant' a few weeks ago.

jones realized that the glows wont work on custom statics, i had no idea what does cause that issue...

same glows work on vbf2 statics but for a strange reason they wont on custom ones.

i cant rly see any difference between my statics and the dice ones, only thing is that my statics come with 3 lods and a col3.

i used the standard staticmeshshader for my materials via multi/sub.

does anybody has/had the same problem or a solution for this issue??

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Well, you can do that. That'll work best on the staticobject side of things, but I don't think the glows do any dynamic lighting of soldiers and vehicles.

Speaking of which, I was doing some shader editing recently, and one such modification I made was fixing up two DICE mistakes in how the lights are set up. First of all, the staticmeshes are lit perfectly fine by point lights, with everything working as it should. However, bundledmeshes (with normal BF2 shaders) don't have support for *coloured* point lights, so all point lights act white (sounds racist, but it's not). Also, skinnedmeshes have a funny bug where DICE used length(lightVec) instead of dot(lightVec,lightVec), which basically means that if the radius of the point light is 1 it will look roughly as it should, if it's less than 1 it will fade out too soon, and if it's over 1 it won't fade out enough (so the light will snap on and off if you're on the fringe).

Moral of the story is that the BF2 point lights are broken, but fixable.

EDIT: Oh, and please note that baked lighting won't have pretty specular reflections from the point lights. Coupled with the instability of the editor with lightmapping objects lit with point lights, and the hassle of using 3dsmax to lightmap, I generally tend to add the lights in after all the lighting is baked and let it be done realtime. Of course, then the shadows don't work properly. So it's a rock-and-a-hard-place situation, and ultimately it's down to judgement.

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