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I guess that would depend on how exactly Guedoe did that, haha.

I still strongly advocate rotating ForceObjects with python - we use it for all our RC boats, helis and planes. Jeep are tricky since you need to know about the terrain, which ain't gonna happen without some messy workaround like a "probe" object you drag along the ground, or extracting those massive .raw files for each map. Neither solution is ideal, but yeah, boats planes and helis work well with forceobjects.

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Ye pretty sure Guedoe did his with a force object. Also there is a way for python to read the heightmap but the heightmap needs to be outside of the server.zip afaik. Also what do you mean by rotating force object excatly? mean you can turn objects with rotating the force object?

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Well, meaning you can use BF2 python's getChildren() command, look for the ForceObjects, and then use setRotation() on them to control the direction of the force.

For a boat you can get away with just using two forceobjects. You would put them where the engine is, and have one facing 90 degrees left, and one 90 degrees right. If you want to increase the engine power, you rotate both of them towards the back (so the sum of their forces is pushing the boat forwards), and to steer you rotate both of them in a direction.

Helicopters - I would recommend a minimum of 3, but 6 would be ideal. I currently use 4, but yeah. One at the front, one at the rear, one left and one right. Have the rotation at around 30 degrees of pitch upwards (or however much it needs to hover depending on the strength of the forceobjects you use), and you have them all pointing inwards. To make the helicopter yaw, rotate all of the forceobjects about the yaw axis. To make the helicopter pitch up, raise the pitch of the front forceobject and lower the back. To make it roll, raise one side and lower the other. For throttle I just pitch up all of them by varying amounts depending on how much engine power you want. 6 is ideal because you could have 2 in the centre facing away from each other than you raise or lower the pitch of, just like the boat. That way the others could have a pitch of 0 by default, which would eliminate any sideways motion when rolling or pitching. Originally I used 3 forceobjects, but in extreme pitches and rolls, it would move noticeably when it pitched up or rolled - which wasn't ideal of course.

For the jet I believe I used two forceobjects at the back and 2 at the front. The two at the back do that trick to vary the power, and they also rotate for pitch, yaw and roll. The ones at the front do much the same as well.

Anyway, it's quite neat to set up a waypoint system to have a helicopter land at a specified location, wait for you to get in, and then start moving.

EDIT: Isn't it a little weird for an aircraft carrier to be keeping up with an SR-71? :P

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