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Bf2142 1.51 Beta Patch With 4 Maps

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This update has 4 maps that Jason Brice from our community made and or converted from BF2 to 2142.

They are amazing maps and should be a lot of fun.

Battlefield 2142 v1.51 is now available for public beta. Not only does the update contain numerous client and server side fixes including enhanced account security, it also includes Northern Strike FREE for all Battlefield 2142 players as well as 4 brand new maps!

New Maps

•Operation Blue Pearl - Supply Lines by Björn Sundell and Jason Brice

•Strike at Karkand 2142 - Conquest by Jason Brice

•Molokai - Titan by Jason Brice

•Yellow Knife - Supply Lines by Jason Brice


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Just downloaded it and its pretty cool, though sort of laggy for some reason and i know it is beta.

Things i noted:

Strike at Karkand:

Mounted bipods looks cool but why the ironsight? (looks like Mp5 ironsight)

Awesome idea of making the interior of the Hotel, but bed model and texture are of low quality, like the many storeys though

Do I detect a new reload animation for the enginneer SMG?

Nice blown up petrol station, its cool.

Traffic lights and signs should be destoryable

There should be destructable fences near the Hotel PAC base, like in BF2 strike at karkand

Snow looks good ontop of some objects, but silly on other stuff like the hole in the square base.

APC has no pods? Can't eject from APC

Turret (TOW missile thingey) shoots 3-4 shots i think, thats a cool feature

Menu gamemode images aren't that good yet, just a screenshot lol :D

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cooool!..ill check it out when i got some spare time.


im still curious why there isnt any mech only maps and some mechweapon mods to suit,mechwarrior style...networkables lag i suspect.

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Now I've played Karkand, feel a bit annoyed. It's great to have a new map but it's recycled. Had about enough of battlefield. :(

Molokai is very pretty, nice job of the colours but waaay too small for a titan map. :(

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Still... waiting... for any kind at all... Bf2142 DEMO 1.000001 Beta patch.... 4 years now.... not a single patch... to BF2142 Demo Server :(

Or, BF2 DEMO server, as far as I know....

And yet, oceans of money to dump on that wonky campy kiddie Heros project.

BF2 and BF2142 DEMO servers introduce and turn people on to BF2/BF2142, which leads them to buy the full game. Heros turns players on to Heros to buy... what?

The emperor has no clothes... ! :)

la la la la

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