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Geocontrol 2 For Moon Map


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you could mess with the settings... there are a couple of presets that are craterish.

You could also make a greyscale heightmap in photoshop with craters using the clouds brush and some tweaking...

then you can save as a bitmap or raw and import it into geocontrol.

Here is a moon heightmap that could be tweaked... white colors for mountains and black color for valleys etc


another 1


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Well how i did the crater... http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=14277

Is i shaped the terrain in the editor and photoshop, to make some craters etc..

Then imported terrain to geocontrol, then ran some errosion filters over it, and then created a base texture in geocontrol. Then i used this awesome site... http://hirise.lpl.arizona.edu/results.php?keyword=crater&submit=Search&lat_point=&lon_point=&latlon_limit=&lat_beg=&lat_end=&lon_beg=&lon_end=&order=release_date&page=1

Has many many high resolution planet images, has loads of craters etc, find a or some good ones, then use photoshop to layer them over youe geocontrol base texture.

If you wanna hand let me know, i like making terrains ;)

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geocontrol 2 is freaking awesome!...it takes time to learn how it works but its worth it....just remember to save and make sure you save as a my preset once your onto a good thing.


a method i use is to make a low poly model of the terrain in 3dsmax,bake the heightmap then import the heightmap into geocontrol to generate a highpoly model....its probly the best way to create mountainous terrains.


also for more realistic colouring make custom gradient maps,go to geocontrol2/colours.

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