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Geometry Crash


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I have a map that works 100% in all game modes when creating local, but I uploaded it to my unranked server and tried to join and it always crashes at 64% when loading geometries. The map is for vanilla bf2 and is using all vanilla assets. I've been fighting with this for a few weeks now and I just cant figure it out. Does anybody know what would cause a geometry crash on online only?


Forget to mention this - there are no errors or warnings in debug while loading the map other than the standard messages.

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Have you tried re-packing your mod?

Sometimes server-stuff is in the client-part and not in the server-part, which could cause an error on the server when loading. A server ignores all archives loaded under "ClientArchives.con".

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And the map is packed properly as well? My guess is that it fails on one of the added roads, or that the level collision files are missing.

Problems with geometry errors are that none are displayed. If a mesh is damaged, it will just ctd :(

The only way I manage to find the conflicting file is by removing all not-needed stuff from the level, and gradually add original content back. Starting with staticobjects, then overgrowth, then Compiled Roads. Sometimes even replaced the sky.con with a working level.

It is indeed a weird problem, but it must be some sort of "missing file" in the server.zip of the level, since servers don't load the client.zip.

Try adding everything of the level in the server.zip and load again ;)

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A friend of mine looked at the map and said the undergrowth.tai file was in the client.zip and not server.zip, but putting it where it needed to go didnt fix the problem. I tried What you suggested Berger, and placed everything into the server archive but it still crashed. I am startig to think maybe there is a actual broken geometry somewhere. What I am doing now is making small changes to just about every aspect of the map and forcing the editor to regenerate all the files. Hopefully this will fix it. Thanks for the help BTW.

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OK your welcome. biggrin.gif

Post a reply if you fixed the problem and/or found the error, always nice to add another "ctd-reason" to the list. smile.gif

Ok this is fixed. Devilman found the problem in this thread. Some file paths were only valid on my local machine but not internet. If these forums had an emoticon that shows extreme embarrassment, I would use it. blink.gif

Thanks for the help everybody. smile.gif

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