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The Statue Of Liberty


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I was going around Google Sketchup looking for Models for GoogleEarth when i saw the Statue of Liberty. I thought it was pretty cool, however it was very low-poly. After a while i found one available for free on shareGC, i think it was. It came in a .max file with the "Meshsmooth" modifier on, so thankfully I could turn that off and use it as a bf2 staticmesh :P After some optimisations and reconstructions around some of the areas (particularly the base), I was able to start the UVW mapping. I mostly used bf2 textures apart from the green rusted copper. The textures look a little Low-Quality, but that's because the Object is full scale! The soldier col mesh was made very basically. I plan on using it on a sort of "Liberty Island" map, where MEC invades US in New York. I need to make the Statue of Liberty base now, that is that star looking thing underneath.

You will see by the screenshots, it may need a new texture (Not very good at UVW mapping)







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