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1 thing that I really hate about Bf2 is that if you shoot someone in the head running away from you, he flips over, pretty unrealistic and shitty, and if you shoot someone from up front, he gets launcher backwards, now, I would like to know if there's a way to reduce the blow-away effect of bullets, any help??

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Yes there is a way, but I've forgotten the exact name :(

vars.set ragdoll-somethingsomethingsomething


vars.set rd-somethingsomething

Sucks that I can't remember it, I could have a look later.

will you?

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Incase your still trying to find out the right variable.

This thread has a list of all the possible commands in BF2 engine.

Here is all the ragdoll variables copied from there:

ragdoll-max-inherit-speed 5.000000
ragdoll_bodyBoneSize 0.120000
ragdoll_boneSize 0.100000
ragdoll_clientMaxUpdateTime 0.002000
ragdoll_collMid 0.999900
ragdoll_completeCollRadius 1.500000
ragdoll_dT 0.011111
ragdoll_enableForce 0
ragdoll_expRotateForce 13.000000
ragdoll_gravityOverTime 0.500000
ragdoll_iterations 2
ragdoll_kneeBoneSize 0.050000
ragdoll_legBackAngle -0.100000
ragdoll_legForwardAngle 10.000000
ragdoll_legForwardFactor 0.000000
ragdoll_legPointForwardAngle 0.500000
ragdoll_legPointForwardFactor 0.010000
ragdoll_net_boneEnable 15
ragdoll_net_debug 0
ragdoll_net_interpolate 0.100000
ragdoll_sleep 5.000000
ragdoll_sleepDelta 0.020000
ragdoll_slowMotion 1.000000
ragdoll_useAngularConstraints 1
ragdoll_useCapsuleCollision 1
ragdoll_useConstraints 1
ragdoll_useLandCollision 1
ragdoll_useObjectCollision 1
rd_dieForce 0.0
rd_dieInVehicleForce 100.000000
rd_expForceMod 1.000000
rd_hitForce 0.000000
rd_hitUp 0.000000

For example to edit the force ragdolls take from explosions you need to add

"Vars.set rd_expForceMod X.XXXXX" at the end of the mod's gamelogicinit.con

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