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I'm sure I've seen it mentioned somewhere but can't for the life of me 'find' it again.

I would like to change the bots to be a bit more realistic.

Problem I find is that they are absolute marksmen and can kill you far too easily.

They 'see' you from a million miles away,even when your undercover.

Plus I'm not totally sure what changing the bots 'skill' does to them?

These are the 2 things I would like to change.

I run our own server and we play coop maps so those are the bots I would like to change.

Is this possible?

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Navigate to ...

Battlefield 2142 Server\mods\bf2142\ai

and open AIDefault.ai with notepad ...

aiSettings.setMaxNBots 16

aiSettings.setBotSkill 0.4

Adjust as needed and save and test ingame, 0.4 should be pretty easy, 1.0 is their max skill setting

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