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So, after long tests, fixes and adjustments the B-52 has been released!

Installation instructions:

Download the latest EoD and install it.

Download the B-52.

Go to your Battlefield 2\mods\bf2 directory.

Backup your ClientArchives.con and ServerArchives.con.

Copy everything exept GamePlayObjects.con from the archive you've dl'ed to mods\bf2 directory.

Go to Battlefield 2\mods\eod\objects\vehicles_client.zip\vehicles\Air/ Find a folder called usair_b52, then go to the mods\bf2\B52_client.zip\Vehicles\Air and copy the folder there.

Now, the bird is ready to fly. But you still need to add it to the map. So far I have only one map capable of it - Highway Tampa.

Download it's Sp64 version. Install it.

Go to Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Levels\Highway_Tampa\server.zip\GameModes\sp3\64 and copy the GamePlayObjects.con file from B52 v1.0.rar archive there.

Load Highway tampa single player 64 map. The Stratofortress will spawn right near the US base. I strongly recomend you to have a full crew while flying.


1st - pilot, has 16x Mk.84 bombs in the bomb bay

2nd - copilot, currently he is just a dumb seat, I might give him taxi control later

3rd - bombardier, launches Jassms missiles (they are just like vanilla F-15 missiles but powerful) from the felt wing

4th - flight officer, launches Jassms missiles from the right wing

5th - tail gunner, fires Vulcan

6th - EWO, electronic warfare officer, has flares thet can shoot every 2 seconds, plane's primary defence against SAMs


101220051-2.jpg 101220048-2.jpg 101220078-2.jpg

97736450-2.jpg 97736456-2.jpg 101220055-2.jpg

Link removed for until USI releases there mod with this plane... Thanks, CB

More versions to follow!

Special thanks to InSovietRussia for beta testing this thing, without him I would have forgotten to include half of files.)

Community is welcome to make some more GPO files with this baby for other maps.

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Clive, can you please post AI code for tail gunner you've mentioned? Can't make him agressive.

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You did state it came from EoD but it is not an EoD model, this model belongs to US Intervention and was in the hands of EoD for flight coding. Once that was done I coded the weapons and huds. USI has not even released a version with this model included yet. It will be tho in the next release. So how you managed to get this from EoD puzzles me. And honestly this should not be made available to the public until USI releases the next version or permission is given by USI. I think you know where I'm going with this?

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So how you managed to get this from EoD puzzles me.

The B52 is in the last release of EOD,in the vehicle folder

It has been disabled for flight,and was/is used as a static object in EOD

When the first post at BFSP regarding the B52 appeared

I asked a person of authority there,to delete/close the thread,as i knew out of respect its first public release (as a flyable plane),should be in the mod that made it

I guess my polite request must of been forgotten (cw ;) )

Edited by DEVILMAN

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Ok, so who modeled the plane and should get the credits ? And if it was used as a static only i guess it doesn't come with moving control surfaces ( ailerons, elevator and rudder ) . What about landing gears and bay doors ?

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The model belongs to USI. There are 3 versions of it atm. One fully functional, one static, and one used as an effect on some maps(it flies over by itself). EoD exported the bird and made it fly. When it got back to USI, I put on the weapons. Its not about credit here tho. Its the fact this has been offered to the public before it was given a chance to be released by USI. Removing the link is all I want really, and when I release the next(final) build for USI, it'll be there.

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I cant download from the USI site... do you have a link???

If you watch the site, you will see an event about to take place :), and release of the full build is nearby ;)

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