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Enabling Player 3Rd Person Views


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Hey guys,

Quick tutorial here on how to enable 3rd person views for your player in the BF2 Editor which can be very useful for when it comes to checking out statics in relation to the player, checking out weapon animations/effects and many other things :D


player_3p_02_tn.jpg player_3p_03_tn.jpg player_3p_04_tn.jpg

player_3p_05_tn.jpg player_3p_06_tn.jpg player_3p_01_tn.jpg

Basically to do this is very simple tweak of a current file. All you need to do is browse to: "\mods\pr_edit\objects\soldiers\Common\" and in there, there should be a "SoldierCamera.tweak" file. Open that with any text editor, like notpad and then paste in the following code over the current code.

rem *** Generated with Bf2Editor.exe [created: 2004/10/13 15:1]
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Camera SoldierCamera
ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser LJO
ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1
ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0
rem -------------------------------------
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_SoldierCamera_RotationRpm
rem -------------------------------------
ObjectTemplate.CVMInside 1
ObjectTemplate.CVMFlyBy 1
ObjectTemplate.CVMChase 1
ObjectTemplate.CVMFrontChase 1
ObjectTemplate.CVMNose 0
ObjectTemplate.CVMTrace 0
ObjectTemplate.CVMExternTrace 0
ObjectTemplate.cameraShakeSensitivity 0.8
ObjectTemplate.chaseDistance 6
ObjectTemplate.chaseAngle 0.1
ObjectTemplate.worldFOV 1.1
ObjectTemplate.insideFOV 1.1

ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Sound S_SoldierCamera_RotationRpm
ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser LJO

Save that file up and load up the BF2 Editor (if its already running you will need to restart it for this change to take affect) and now when you go into player camera mode, or enter a handheld weapon, push the "c" button and you should cycle between all the 3p views (chase, front chase and fly by) :D

Hope this helps, have fun! :D

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