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Battel Raptors Mod Plan...


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Hey I was thinking of making a new mod Called "Battel Raptors" Which Will have Raptors with control collars remotely controlled by the player so the player plays only as a raptor. So I will need to make a new custom 3p and 1p ske's and animations. From the raptors point of veiw it cant see its arms or hands... so that means I dont need any 1p mesh's I think?


I know it still needs the camra bone for 1p veiw. So can I make my 1p ske with nothing much but camrea bone?

I don't think anyone has ever bothered make a new ske and animations for bf2 so I might fail epicly But I still want to try...

So what I'm asking is it in any way feasible?

Also do I HAVE TO seperate the hands head and body meshes? I know is's 26 bones max per mesh?

I plan to remove prone. So to do that I can have those trigers link to the normal walk animations...

Btw If this all come to nothing I will just make it into a animated mesh which is easy...

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First of all...rofl :lol:

Second, you'd need a 1P model of your dino. It should display the claws of the dino, so you can animate them eventually.

Animation will be a big deal, since you'd need new animations and skeleton for your dino, which can be a trivial task :D

It is impossible to set the 1P soldier camera to 3P without lots of glitches, so I recommend making a 1P model.

Good luck on this ;)

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Well makeing the modles and Ske's is pretty quick and easy job but makeing the animations and getting them to work is another story...

Like I'm not sure if there are any nameing convetion for the bones that I have to use?

The head will face the direction of where the player is looking and I don't see any look right or left animations anywhere so it is hard coded into the engeine to rotate some particular bone (neck or more likely joint20) to follow the player?

Atm I need to study the curent system and work out where to start... I might start by useing the existing bone names as that might give me a better chance of makeing things work but I would need to use some of the kit mesh bones as tail bones if that would work.

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Thanks here is my high poly toothles raptor very much a wip, will remake it a lot better at some point.


So I made a new 3p_setup.ske using the same bone names as the bf2 one but had to change it up a bit to get the tail to work useing kit meshs 9-13..

So my problems solved for now.D:


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This looks pretty cool; reminds me of AVP. 3P camera could work with this if you only have melee weapons, but if you want to fire projectiles (shoulder mount weapons maybe?) you wouldn't be able to aim correctly in 3P because the view follows the player model's rotation instead of the camera's and thus when you move the mouse a little neither the player nor the view rotates.

I don't know too much about BF2's animation system, so I can't help you there, but I hope you get this going. If you set it up so that the raptors can fire hand weapons I'll laugh my ass off!

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Thanks Chael:D

Well having the raptor useing weapons with it's hands isn't really what i was thinking... but could be done..

I was thinking to start by making a kit including some sort of head mounted weapons system shoting lazor beams and rockets maybe but not normal guns...

So the 1p camrea bone could be set to the veiw though the sights of the weapon system which will be linked to the head movment and when aiming a hud or sniper scope type of thingwill pop up.

Still in planing:D and not to mention making a full set of animations might take me a while asuming I ever finish.

If by some chance any bf2 animaters who are intrested in helping let me know!!

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Cheers man thanks,

I still have a lot of work to do before it will be playable in game. I will need to make at least one weapon and kit before I can test it. It would be nice if I could find someone to help me make some weapons and maybe some sort of jet pack that functions something like a helicopter. But that's probably unlikely at this point in time. Currently I have made no changes to the first person skeleton. I could still conceivably make some sort of first person mesh. But as I said from raptors point of view it cannot see its own feet or hands. Also it would mean making more animations. But I have not decided definitively against it. As it would be quite funny seeing the raptors using hand weapons for instance and that is totally possible but the raptor would not see himself using weapons as his point of view would prohibit it.I would only be visible third person perspective. I should probably make a post in the mod recruitment thread. But have been waiting in till I am further on in the process of making the 3rd person animation system.... If anyone's interested in helping in any way let me know.

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Surely great work considering the huge amount of animations necessary for it :D Fantastic job! I still wonder if 2 different player animations ( raptors and humans ) will work over the network.

Btw,doesn't have the raptor at least 2 sets of weapons with it already ? There's the teeth ( one could get away with a single fire animation using only the camera ) and the claws which could be an extract of the raptor 3P model.

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Well so far I've just got 1 claw attack made and it's still only really a test based on the knife attack, the animations are not a complete set and could be could be alot better tbh...

Yeah Im not sure I'll be able to really finish this mod without some help really, as I don't know how to make a flash menu and am not all that great on the codeing side of things...

I have no clue if it would work over the network really... It is useing 2 animation system files and has 2 new folders for the Raptor animation files....

It's been a lot of fun learning how to do the rigging and animations... I think I've done pretty well considering this is my first attempt...

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