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As per the title, other than active admin of a server, is there anyway to get it to automatically balance clan members? Often get complaints of clan stacking so was wondering if there was any way to automate it to split them over both teams.

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Get into autobalance.py and connect.py module and come up with your own python code to do it.

When someone connects, search their clanname for a case irrelevant string(s), and based on that, put them on EU or PAC initially. All from one clan or set of allied clans go on one side, all of another go on the other.

Anyone who does not pattern match, pads out which ever side needs it as necessary, and can be swapped.

Code autobalance so it ignores clan members when chosing peole to swap (in a similiar fashion it avoids the commander and squad members).

I was going to write this very same kind of thing for automatic pairing up of clan matches via programming, but decided it wasn't worth for the absolute lack of support I get these days from my players.

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