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Unfortunately I haven't been able to get bf2 to use two separate animation systems at the same time so the raptors will be fighting raptors unless somehow I figure out how to get it to work :angry: As far as I can tell there is no way to get Bf2 to use two separate skeletons and animation systems at the same time...I tried linking to a new animation system file through the soldiers tweak file but it didn't seem to work and caused the editor to crash...there might be one or two more things I could try but it's probably hopeless :huh:

If anyone has any idea if it is possible to do this let me know...by the way the new animation set I created uses the same names as the original BF2 set perhaps if I renamed them and gave them a separate folder then adjusted the new animation system that might work?

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Well, animation systems yes, skeletons no. Our workaround was to stretch the skeleton into the right shape and then have that shape being held by the animationSystems on the weapons and soldier. In general I think that could work for your raptor too, the tail being the only major problem. I think you could probably move one of the kit bones into the tail to get some movement at least, but unfortunately it will mean making new animations :/

Alternatively, you could make humans using a reshaped dinosaur skeleton, that way you could keep the existing animations and have proper tails. Make sure you have some way to prevent humans picking up dinosaur kits though, otherwise they'll suddenly be shaped like dinosaurs (which is the problem we had for a while in OPDD, since we have a 20 foot tall "Goliath", and players would rush up and grab the kit to become essentially giant stick insects. Anyway, good luck with the mod! Just make sure you have a standardised skeleton across all the players and it should probably work.

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Thank for the helpfull Info Uber :D

I got it to work sortof already ...

I bought back the bf2 animation system and made another separte one for the raptors. linked to it in the rapter tweek and it works just fine:D

My ske has all the same bones with the same names as the bf2 one, the only differance is that I used mesh9-mesh13 for the tail and joined them in a chain... so unfortunatly it means it would mess up the human kits as they are skined to them. Maybe if made it somehow mod the kits so no meshes are skinned to those bones, That might fix it...

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Thanks guys:D

The mod will likely have humans vs raptors....

It could be single player multiplayer or both depending on what I choose

But I might need to make a little team to help me with some of the work

or i might go mad....

I know how to do most of the stuff to make a complete mod... but not all of it,

like making a new flash menu is a bitch and all the codeing and packing I never had to deal with

As being a dev for PR there are other people to take care of that side of things ;)

So if anyone is intrested in helping let me know...

I won't need to worry about that stuff for a while anyways...

Updated Raptor run animation with better tail movment..

And a crappy claw attack Which is not a finished animation just a test:D

Also shows the raptors useing some bf2 guns and animations for fun.

Which will be replaced with proper new animations if it turns out that I make raptors use guns....

Btw the first person mesh is not in use yet but I will add one at some point.. for the arms.

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