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Changing Gun's Position


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I know title doesn't reveal much. Anyways, how to make soldier hold a gun, say MP7(or something with even flatter top part), lower so I could make holograph sights( :P ) from Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

The first problem I think is that I can't even load anims in the editor.

It really feels like a cool idea so please help!

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The basic relation between weapon and soldier is coded in the animation (*.baf ) file. Either you change the weapon's pivot ( by importing and re-exporting the weapon ) or you edit the animation - both jobs are not the easiest operations. As a workaround ( and it would affect all weapons ) you could change the soldier camera position for a soldier class in /objects/soldiers/<TEAM>/<SOLDIER>.tweak.

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I'd want this only for certain weapons(mp7, pistols etc). I didn't understand how to do this tho. Please explain more step by step. Also some ideas about what weapons should I give it to would be nice.

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