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F-16B Screw Up


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Hey guys

Im trying to get my F-16B Vehicle model in game

I tried to base it off mschoeldgen Sea Fury Set up but im getting negative results

I'll let some shots do the talking from here



con file

GeometryTemplate.create BundledMesh f16

ObjectTemplate.create Bundle f16
ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1
ObjectTemplate.creator O-B31C24EE38244:O
ObjectTemplate.geometry f16
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate F16_aileronL
ObjectTemplate.setPosition -1.6799/1.8045/0.0759
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate F16_aileronR
ObjectTemplate.setPosition 1.6799/1.8045/0.0759
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate F16_canopy
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate F16_elevator
ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0.0029/3.7037/0.0881
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate F16_LandingB
ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.0045/-1.2627/-0.3676
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate F16_LandingL
ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.3157/1.6353/-0.0955
ObjectTemplate.setRotation 0/12.1616/0
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate F16_LandingR
ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0.3338/1.6353/-0.0955
ObjectTemplate.setRotation 0/12.1616/0
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate F16_rudder
ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0/4.3142/1.3672

ObjectTemplate.create RotationalBundle F16_aileronL
ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 1

ObjectTemplate.create RotationalBundle F16_aileronR
ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 2

ObjectTemplate.create SimpleObject F16_canopy
ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 3

ObjectTemplate.create RotationalBundle F16_elevator
ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 4

ObjectTemplate.create LandingGear F16_LandingB
ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 5
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate F16_whlB
ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.0656/-0.0942/-0.4931

ObjectTemplate.create Spring F16_whlB
ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 6

ObjectTemplate.create LandingGear F16_LandingL
ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 7
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate F16_whlLF
ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0.2457/-0.1629/14.0507
ObjectTemplate.setRotation 0/-90.0000/0

ObjectTemplate.create Spring F16_whlLF
ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 8

ObjectTemplate.create LandingGear F16_LandingR
ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 9
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate F16_whlLR
ObjectTemplate.setPosition -0.4039/-0.1629/14.0507
ObjectTemplate.setRotation 0/-90.0000/0

ObjectTemplate.create Spring F16_whlLR
ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 10

ObjectTemplate.create RotationalBundle F16_rudder
ObjectTemplate.geometryPart 11

include f16.tweak

if there's anything else thats needed,ill post that up

Any form of help wouldve greatly appreciated,and thanks in advance

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you need to do a 'reset xform' on your main mesh, and possibly other parts too. the most painless way would be to unlink everything from the main parent mesh, reset the main's xform, then re-link the other child parts back to the main. otherwise your changed xforms will filter down to the children and they will jump to their new relative positions, which is probably what you DON'T want.

be careful with resetting the xforms for any child parts that have unusual pivot rotations (e.g. it's common with aircraft to have ailerons etc. that are angled 3 degrees downward or back to match the wing sweep/dihedral - resetting will change these angles back to 0)

if your pivot orientation is out of true and needs resetting, then it's possible your scales might be out on some parts too. select each part while the scale window is open (right-mouse on the Scale button to open it) and look for any value that is NOT 100%. it is very common with jets to find items on one half of the plane with a scale of -100%, which means these bits will turn inside out when reset. it's easy fixed but just something to keep an eye on

Reset Xform can be found in the Utilities section of max v7, i assume other versions have it in the same place

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Theres an explanantion about world orientation in the Seafury tutorial.

You also have to add the geom1 ( main 3P model) and geom2 ( wreck) mesh structures . A geom0-only model will not work as vehicle.

geom0 is the cockpit ( model shown when entered ) and will not need rudders , landing gears or elevators as these are not seen when in the cockpit.

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A geom0-only model will not work as vehicle.

obviously there's no cockpit view, but you can still fly around in a geom0-only vehicle. most of my WIP pics of aircraft/helis/cars buzzing around are geom0-only. this massive unfinished piece of shit in the pic below is geom0-only but still very flyable. when the thing gets destroyed it will just disappear, but the wreck fx are still visible, like in the bottom frame.

the reason i mention this is because i don't think i would have ever completed anything if i had to wait for it to be 100% finished before i could use it - being able to whizz around in your creation while you're still building it is good for keeping your interest level up (or in my case anyway)


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Ah,i never knew it works. For in-between testing i copied my geom1 to geom0 and geom2 and used that for testing - although i'm mostly patient enough for my models to be fairly complete before i start coding and testing them, hehehe. Thanks for clearing that up, clivewil.

I remember the demo ( and early BF2 versions ) crashed when the wreck was missing and the vehicle got destroyed, maybe that caused me to complete the model in my future projects.

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Hmmm,i wonder if it's going work if i do this:

-Change the mesh from a bund into a PlayerControlObject

-Make the parts of the PCO to inherit settings from another aircraft i.e my F-16 aileron will inherit the settings of the F15 flaps,create new child objects (such as 30mm cannons,engines) and make them inherit the respective settings from the F15

It would be nice to know what objects are out right necessary to simply get into the game and flying

On a side note i tried to get a debugger up and running,but since i have patch 1.5 it caused my mouse to get stuck on the center of the screen.Is there any quick solution to this other than re-installing?

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On a side note i tried to get a debugger up and running,but since i have patch 1.5 it caused my mouse to get stuck on the center of the screen.Is there any quick solution to this other than re-installing?

The debugger destroyed your profile in /My Documents/Battlefield 2/Profiles . Delete/Rename the folder and let the retail game create a new profile ( i hopy you have your account data and key setup handy ). For the future keep in mind to either rename the folder before launching either version or hack your debugger to use a different profile folder.

Theres a thread at BFSP about it - maybe i find it. Ahh, here it is:


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It would be nice to know what objects are out right necessary to simply get into the game and flying

your quickest route would be to clone, rename and adapt an existing tweak rather than try and create everything anew - all the armour, cameras, engines (delete one) and other stuff will be there. (tweak file only! you do not need anything from the other aircraft's .con)

yes there will be a lot of fiddling around, but overall it's far quicker this way

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  • 6 months later...

Alright,forgive me for reviving this thread again but I'm not giving up just like that.

So what I did was adapt the F-15's tweak and layout everything looked fine except for three things

1.The Vehicle keeps going into the ground.It just goes through the surface.I even have a collision mesh but this still keeps happening.Every time i enable physics or place it on a map to test it the thing disappears into the ground.

2.The 3p mesh doesn't appear on startup nor does it appear when i place the object in a map in the editor.I named the 1p mock-up cockpit mesh's respective dummies geom0 and the 3p mesh geom1 yet it still shows just the 1p mesh but with the weapons attached to it.Geom1 only appears in the editor when i select it.

3.The stark difference in the texture of some parts of the plane i.e the wings the nose etc are darker for some reason.Not only that but the normal maps dont show in lighting mode.

These images show what it looks like




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Check your hierarchy for wrong naming!

The geom0 lod0 air_f16 is lacking the __PlayerControlObject

Also I don't see any col1 meshes.

The nonvis_ for the right wheel is named wrong too: "nonvis_0"

No idea what the texture problem is causing but a screen from your material setup would help.

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Thanks for the heads-up i did some digging around the forum and i was able to fix the texture map solution and after a little bit of renaming tweak editing i was able to get the collision meshes and the wheels to act right.Really lousy on my part for the bad naming.

Now the only thing left that's bugging me badly is that the Geom0 1P mesh is the only one visible in the map and the 3p mesh is nowhere present.Any advice for that?

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You're missing quite a few designations for your meshes . E.g. a retractable gear consists of a LandingGear with an attached wheel. Here's a simple example:


Here only the main body with one landing gear and the closing covers for it ( hatches ) are in the hierachy. Note how the double underscore followed by the designation tells BF2 what the things do. LandingGears basically are RotationalBundles activated automatically by flying heigth and plane speed. To get an idea if your export is correct compare with a similar *.con file from another jet. Springs are the wheels . they need a col1 to interact with the ground.

Look again at the seafury tutorial, its all described there. Admittedly i don't have hatches for my landing gears on this plane but thats easy once you understand LandingGears.

Also note that untextured objects will not sho in the game.

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