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Texture Path Problem


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I have made a regular staticobject using the normal staticmesh shaders and the vanilla staticmesh textures. I have coded it to be a playercontrolobject for certain reasons and it seems as though it only works when it's in the vehicles folder. That side is okay so far but I'm getting the uncle same texture ingame on the colour layer. It seems to have found the detail layer no problem but no matter what I do, I can't get it to show the colour layer. It shows up in meshview and in the editor but not ingame. I've tried altering the filepath with meshview, copying and renaming the texture to a vehicles/texture folder or into vehicles/my_vehicle/texture folder but nothing. Is it a fluke that the detail is working in this case as i would have thought if one wasn't going to work, neither would the other. :huh:

Edit: 27/03/11

I've looked at it a bit harder and I was wrong, the colour layer, detail layer and detail normal are okay. I have no other channel data in there. It works normally when you place it as a normal staticobject. When you spawn it as a playercontrolobject, it's very bright and I swear I can see a stretched out uncle sam in what looks like black and white. I don't know if it's something to do with the lightmap or maybe the hemimap? I havn't actually lightmapped it yet and I've yet to work out how you would make a hemimap for a building interior. What bugs me is I've seen a post like this before but I can't find it.



It's very bright and you can just about see uncle sam there.

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