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Battlefield Play4Free Sounds For Battlefield 2(Help)


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So...I been trying to use some battlefield play4free sounds on the battlefield 2 vanilla but unfortunately I found a problem T_T

Some of the sound files in BP4F are played in automatic firing(when you reproduce it instead of hearing 1 shot you hear a full-auto version of it) and when I play the battlefield 2 vanilla using this full-auto sounds every time I make a single shot the file plays......in full-auto :( (like 10 shots or so for every "click")

In Battlefield pla4free the game reproduces this "automatic-firing" sounds as "single-firing" sounds, and I been looking a way to make the battlefield 2 vanilla to do the same thing but I still couldn't figure it out, I read in somewhere that a way to do this was to edit the .tweak file and in the line "StopType" instead of "1" you have to put "2" but that didn't work either(or i'm doing it wrong)....

Any way I got tired of searching and trying a LOT of random things by myself, so i came to this forum looking for help maybe someone knows how to make this sounds work properly on BF2 or at least can give me a hint on how to do it


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That's probably part of the problem yeah, but mostly it'll be the region markers in the sound file, which is what separates full auto gun sounds from single-shot in BF2. You'll need either Sound Forge (or the awful tool I made in Game Maker which is on the forum somewhere) to add the region markers for those you want full-auto. If the problem is that you don't want them to be full-auto, then you should be able to just open them up in a sound editing program and save them again (which will delete the region markers).

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@0utlaw I already tried all single digit numbers and didnt't work out xD but thanks for the reply ^_^

@UberWazuSoldier I'm a complete newbie about this stuff and I'm not sure what you mean with "region markers" :P but I'm going try out what you say about open them up and save them again, thank you for replying :)

I will post later if it worked or not

EDIT: All right, I did the thing of open and save the file so the region markers will dissapear and they did but the file still remained as an "automatic firing sound" xD but by doing that I got an idea, I cutted the first shots and only left the last shot so it will now play only one shot, after that I placed new region markers on the file(so the game will play that single shot in automatic when it's necessary) and it worked like a charm!!!:):):):)

basically thanks to your post I could found out this "method" :P

THANK A LOT!!! ^_^^_^^_^

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