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Need Help With Texture Detail

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Okay, I took the advice people gave me in my "How to make terrain more Lush?" thread. I used Photoshop, overdrawn the .tga colour with my own, generated it in tpaint, pasted the colourmaps, detailmaps into Editor, loaded the map up, and the grass and everything took effect! The grass looked nice. But when I put the Tarmac texture overtop of the grass, the Tarmac was green, not grey how I put it in Photoshop.

Example Picture:


And I have it set up, for sure from photoshop:


I also tried changing the Colour in the Editor for each texture to their colour. Ex: Grass=Green; Tarmac=Grey; Mountain=Different mix of Grey.

This didn't work either, it just stayed green.

If someone could please help me with this, that would be greatful. This is the only thing bugging me while I map.

PS: I pressed "Generate Detailmaps" everytime I changed the Texture settings, nothing worked.

This is a picture I would like the Tarmac to look like; what they did in this Sandbox map:


Thank you guys.

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Don't forget to have the editor paint the color texture on too (which is what defines which overall colour to use), it sounds like it's just laying down the detail texture (which is multiplied by the color texture and then multiplied by 2 in-game, hence it appears green). Hope that helps, sorry if I worded that badly.

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Hmm, well I guess I could take screenshots of what I mean, but the thing you're looking for is out the far right of the editor screen, there are 3 buttons in a row.

[Detail Only] [Detail and Color] (or similar, you'll see what I mean when you look)

It sounds like you have it on Detail Only, which is the default, but you'll need to have it on Detail and Color so that it also lays down a grey colour.

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