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Ghillie Suit Texturing


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I don't find any way to make it looks nice..
What do you mean ? Is it a technical issue in finding the correct DDS format or are you out of ideas for the texture looks ? I for my part use vegetation images mostly made by myself , single branches with leaves to get the camouflage right. But we're an old-fashioned mod and YMMV :P
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Yeah I'm not really 100% sure what the issue is either haha.

I guess just keep in mind the construction of them; 3/4" netting sewn onto BDUs or a jumpsuit, often with canvas on the front, knees and elbows, and onto the netting you tie pieces of dyed jute in groups of about 8 so that it dangles down. After that, they roll around in the mud to get rid of the smell, and you can then tie on bits of foliage from around the area (which should make up about 60% of the suit). Otherwise you can look at BF2's existing textures for ideas.

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Ah well when I say I don't manage to make it looks nice it's like "non-realistic" colors/ render etc etc.. Like, if i want to make a sand camo for the sniper, I already tried to change the main color of the existing ghillie ( playing with red / blue / green .. ) but the render of it isn't my aim..

The aim would be a real color of sand with some other colors to make it realistic..but..I didn't find any ways to make it.. I'm a noob at picture editing >.>

And yes I'm actually working on it by trying to edit the existing US camo texture... T_T

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