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EA/DICE on there going to be no modding tools for BF3 because of the 'complexity' of the Frostbite engine:

"So we think it's going to be too big of a challenge for people to make a mod."

Then how did 'people' make the game in the first place? Or was this game designed by extra terrestrials...?

I think its too big of a challenge for me to go out and buy another flakey, overly complex DICE game with a total lack of documentation embedded in the code (you know, this strange thing called good coding practice... you remember... from your freshman Computer Science 101 class?).

The more complex something is, the more exponential points of failure and the more crashy and buggy and impossible to debug it is... and experience with your products has made it clear to me, if I buy any more of your games, I want the source code with it so I can fix all the bugs you missed by rushing it out the door..

The play factor in the game, *is* the modding of the game. Take that out, and you have nothing to appeal to me for a game.

Picture Sims 3, where you could change, customize, or design... absolutely... nothing. Just run around in a predetermined storyline world pointing an assault rifle and shooting stuff.

And that is fun... and a game... how?

You know, the way I play, is I get creative... and make things.

How can you run a game company into the ground any... faster.. or... harder? EA seems to be answering that question for us, while Zynga rakes in boodles of money pandering malarkie like Fishville and Farmville to the masses... and guess what, in both of them, neophyte players build and customize the game to suit them.

Zynga's valuation surpasses that of EA:


It very well may be that Frostbite is way to complex to work with, because you cut too many corners in assembly to create too much magic, like Woz bumming instructions for the orginal Apple II that created a nightmare of code. In which case, perhaps you should sacrifice some FPS performance and effects in exchange for user content creation and modability within the game.

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Woz bumming instructions for the orginal Apple II
The ingenious Apple II ROM with its 2kbyte (!) contains a delay routine which i use in all of my microcontroller projects - this ROM listing is really worth studying it indepth. After all it contains a complete OS including debugger and disassembler and even features a tiny assembler.

The CDP1702 microprocessor was one of the few controller available in radiation hardened versions and thus was driving a lot of satellite computers in the early times of space exploration . Theres nothing bad with assembler - its just a question of the time you're willing to spend on a software project.

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