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I Knew If I Waited Long Enough................

-RDZ- AF Brat

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I haven't been around here in along time and I do really miss editing BF2 maps. (Life, work, divorce, heart bypass, you know same old story) But I just figured I'd post a link to a WIP map I'm kicking myself for never finishing.....It's IRONICALLY Battle for Tripoli. Here it is:


How much fun it would be to play this now.

So kids try to finish those maps you've been putting off. You never know.

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Yeah things are actually a zillion times better. I just haven't been able to pick up the map making again because of video production and various recording projects (stupid work).

I'd still like to though. At least to finish the Tripoli map. It actually wasn't just the life stuff. I started doing some Crysis map stuff a couple years ago and that's what I was doing just before the health issues happened. I wanted to see how far I could take the realism in that game and recreated where I grew up in New Hampshire.

Anyways, I recently reinstalled BF2 and have been playing it a bit again, so I was thinking I'm going to get back into the map this summer.

We'll see, I really miss the forum here and just thought I'd pop back in and say hello.

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There are still a few of us old school modders here lol... and some new people looking for editor answers.

I also took a break on bf2 mod/mapping but i found this map i started awhile back and i think i am going

to make it as polished as possible for a final BF2 map... Good luck on the Tripoli map and post a link when

and if its done. :)



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