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1P Minigun Issues


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I recently discovered that the Minigun has a more High-poly 1p mesh, I've tried making the cockpit geom 0, cockpit lod geom 0, re-exporting it as a different name but i just can't seem to get it right. Anybody know what the cause of setting this to a 3p mesh, even though the cockpit around it is obviously 1p!






Ingame, the problem is still unresolved :huh:

I suspect the PCO of the helicopter has only been added to the 3p mesh, perhaps this is causing the minigun to stay on the 3p level. My guess woudl be to re-export the helicopter mesh (least it's not a tank! B))

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id say it will take a re export of the helo,and adding the gunner positions to the 1p,it wont be easy :)


but first maybe try comparing the m2hb to the m134,i find it odd the m134 has the camera attatched to the weapon,where as the m2hb has the camera attatched to the lavett,do a little more tweaking before taking the re-export step.

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It's not the PCO, this is my Hmmwv with a 1p Geom copied from the 3p so that i can have 'hands' on the gun. I parented the HMG_M134 to the HMG_M2HB and you can see here, the 1p Geom is shown for the M2HB, but not the M134!

EDIT: SOLVED! The problem was the rotationalbundle, i re-exported that as "gunmount" just like the M2HB and it worked by parenting the weapon under that.

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