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2 Vehicle Cameras


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I did a bit of a search for 'camera' but found nothing too useful unfortunetly. I'm wondering if it is possible to make it so that you can have two inside cameras? EG: I plan on having an 'orbit' 3p inside camera, with the geom of 1 instead of 0, so that i can move the mouse to look around instead of using f10/f11. But when i create a second camera, it defaults to that and doesn't let me switch back to my old 1p camera. Is there a way possible of having two cameras interchangeable through 'c'?

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using "c" key you would need to use a nosecam,not 100% sure wich geom it uses though,i think it uses 3p.


setting up 2 seperate camera's requires 2 selectable weapons,and make sure if you have any flares or smoke they will need to be a selectable weapon or have an item index.

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