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Lightmap Bug On Custom Static


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I made a custom guard tower and exported it with LM samples from 3ds max. However while the lightmaps come out fine...


...this one poly on the bottom is messed up.


I tried fixing it by generating samples with BFmeshview, but there it came out completely messed up.

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I fixed the previous one, I had a hidden edge near that face, but I got this again, seems more like a smoothing error, even though it's not visible in 3ds Max. If lightmapped, I get the same crap as in the previous post. It's also only on lod0, but not lod1, even though the area is virtually the same.

edit: solved, bad triangulation.


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that looks like you might perhaps have internal faces and/or long thin faces lurking in there, have you checked for those?

--> ah. you fixed it. good-o.

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