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What Are These?


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While browsing through the forums I have found many things which i'd like to understand.

Can anyone tell me what is a:





networkable(makes you able to use an object online?),


AI template.

Maybe I've forgot something too.

How much easier will knowing these things make my modding?

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shader - a set of rules or instructions (algorithms) that define how a particular 3d surface will look and behave

bundle - a grouped collection of BF objects that behave as one. with a bundledmesh, even though the 'object' is a single file, it usually contains two or more sub-objects (child objects) - Bundle is also a generic name for any 3d mesh part that doesn't server any complex function, i.e. it doesn't turn, it doesn't contain a player, it isn't a wing, it just sits there doing nothing... it's a bundle.

Ik - Inverse Kinematics. in old school animation, to move an arm you'd have to start at the body and work outwards, i.e. shoulder, upper arm, forearm, hand etc. - IK uses limits so that instead you can just put the hand into the position you want, and the rest of the limbs should automatically adjust themselves in a natural way to accommodate the pose. in BF IK is used to bind your soldier's arms/hands onto stationary weapons and vehicle steering wheels etc. so they move in concert with the item being IK'ed

pco - Player Control Object. anything a player can enter and use, like a jet, a TOW, a jeep etc.

networkable - because of the large amount of stuff to keep track of in a multiplayer game, occasionally info can get lost or not updated properly. networkables are a kind of pointer to attach to a specific item to make sure it gets top priority in the network queue. networkables are assigned to anything in the game world that determines how and where a player moves or shoots. e.g. the engine of your car would have a networkable, to make sure every other player has correct info on where you are. the smoke effects from you car's exhaust are cosmetic only and so it doesn't matter if they get out of sync at any time, so it doesn't need a networkable.

mesh - a collection of vertices, edges and faces in 3d space (such as your game world) - two or more joined faces are called a polygon or poly. almost everything you see in the BF world is a mesh (apart from sprites like the nametags etc.) - even nebulous looking stuff like explosion effects are just pictures mapped onto 3d mesh polygons - the sky dome, the sea, the buildings, your jeep - all are made of 3d mesh

AI template - a collection of instructions and settings to tell bots how to control a certain device. these can let the bots know things like how fast a vehicle goes or whether it can turn on it's own axis like a tank; how sensitive the throttle is; what target types a weapon is best suited to; what ranges a weapon is effective at; what button to press to operate a device - heaps of stuff

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Thanks for the quick reply ^_^!

Is tere any difference between a mesh and a model or they are the same thing?

Nothing else is really useful for me right now. But I want to try modeling so I understand that knowing what mesh is is essential for me.

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A mesh consists of the following:

- (sub)Geometries (geom)

- (sub) Level of distance models (lods)

Each lod contains texture and shader information to accompany the model.


A single mesh, for example a house. Only contains one geom and multiple lod models.


Multiple geometries and geometry parts (!) with each geom having lods.


3D models defining the collision points of the model:

- col0 is projectiles

- col1 is soldiers

- col2 is vehicles

Quality degrades, for example projectiles need a better mesh than a soldier would need.


A mesh that is somewhat like a bundledmesh, but it can be used in combination with a skeleton and special animations. They are used for flags, soldiers and kits (for the animation of the worn items of the kit)


Levels use regular mesh files for things like roads, not sure about those.

Almost every mesh has Level of distance models, for example one from 10 meters or lower, one for 10 - 100 and one for 100 - infinite.

Quality degrades, this to improve performance of the game. Same happens with weapons; 1P has the best quality mesh and 3p has degrading meshes.

Same can apply to textures; you can have a simple cube and give it 3 lods with textures declining in size. (1024x1024 -> 512x512 -> 256x256)

Lod distances are set after the geometry is loaded. Geometries are loaded in the .con files. Tweak is loaded afterwards. Usually the lod distances are added all on top of the tweak file. Any geometrytemplate lines in tweaks are COMPLETELY separate from the objecttemplates. No need to add the same line for each template.

Not a modeler myself, feel free to correct or add some of it here and there. ;)

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