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All greetings. I from Russia and badly know English language. I use the translator. Has decided to make fashions on Battlefield 2 but hasn't found what lessons in Russian. Therefore it was necessary to write here. I have many questions and I will write them here.

1) Posl of creation of a simple card, behind its side-altars should be visible the earth. But at me instead of the earth it is visible a flat green structure. How it to correct?

2) How to do enemies for single game? Give please a lesson which shows bases of it.

Behind earlier all many thanks.

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Welcome to BFeditor.org !

Question 1 : Consult our tutorials . We have tutorials for creating basic maps :



Question 2: Making SinglePlayer support is not for beginners, you should learn making maps first and make sure they do work successfully in Conquest mode. Once you have a fully working conquest map for Multiplayer you can try to work your way through making singleplayer mode including the creation of navigation meshes , in this forum briefly called "navmeshes". These navmeshes allow the artificial players ( bots ) to move around on the map.

Here's a tutorial for it:


To give you an idea about navigation meshes , here is a tutorial for editing them:


Again, this is not so easy. You also need to install python, preferably the version 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 . You will also need a 3D editor , like 3DSMax, Blender or Wings3D.

I think there's an active russian community for BF2 , at least we have a few members from your home country around here. Try to find a native russian speaker as a robot translator will probably make mistakes which are hard to corect if you are new in the BF2 world.

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Unfortunately it is not enough Russian lessons, and they very good. But I will continue all the same to try to make the of fashions. I will search and translate lessons from your site. It is difficult to me to be guided on your site, I will ask where what lesson is. Thanks big.

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