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Flickering Black Textures, Help !


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First of all, sorry for my bad english

Yesterday, I ran BF2 with Max settings perfectly. But I so bored about game graphic when far and i try to turn on AF 16x by CCC and WTF ???


Then I turn off AF in CCC and it still there


I do anything (update driver, Reinstall game,...)and still have it

T was try this: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9061 =>Cant

I can fix it by set terrain to Low but it's look too suck

My PC:

OS: Window XP Sp3

Intel core 2 duo e4500 (==!)

Ram: 2,5Gb

VGA: Ati Radeon HD 4560

Fixed: Downgrade driver

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Yes and that is because ATI cards use different shaders for dynamic shadows. I have looked into the shaders and it seems like in some development state all the shadows were dynamic even point lights casted dynamic shadows. In the release version most shadows are done with lightmaps but there are still some dynamic ones. And the flickering black area is technically a shadow.

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Yeah and problem is: before I can run it perfectly and after i force AF 16X =>Problem happen. I try to do anything clear old driver and update, Disable CCC, .... anything I can find in google. Any ideas for help, plsss

P/s: Yay, I fixed it, just downgrade my Card driver, thanks everybody for watch my topic

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isnt it a known ATI problem?

think i can remember misch told me in the past that he had the same problems all the time and it seems to be a known problem with ATI gfx-cards.

No, and thats why i didn't say anything. It was a known NVidia (!) problem :blink: and it happened mostly with the debugger. Glad to hear that ATI managed to copy that bug :angry:
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I'm betting the reason it happens with the debugger is because the .exe isn't named BF2.exe. If I change the name of my BF2.exe and run the game I get this bug (geforce 9800GTX+).

Thats interesting. I noticed I was getting this same error when using Kev4000's 1.5 Debugger, But not in vbf2, or 1.41 Debug. It may be important to note that Kev changed the name of the exe to aBf2_r.

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