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Bf2: Idf: Fight For Independence - 13 July 2011 Mod Update

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Hello to all soldiers on the battlefield and IDF:FFI fans,

in today's update we have a brand-new sniper for our Egyptian forces, as well as a much-improved texture for one of our IAF jets. As you hopefully already liked our facebook-page you will already know, that we are showing you the Mosin Nagant Scope from our friends at the Battlefield: Korea modification. As history states Egypt mostly got their military equipment from the Soviet Union, just like the Mosin Nagant. It is a rugged, sturdy and reliable sniper rifle that the Russians had been using since the early 1900s. As you see from the BF:Korea mod, it has found a lot of friends around the world - and of course a lot of targets...


The MD-450 Ouragan was already show in an old update of June 2007, but that old french lady got a little to rusty in our hangar, so we decided to refurbish that old piece of metal, put a engine in it and start flying with our brand new MD-450. It is armed with 4 20mm hispano-suize cannons and could carry either bombs or 12 T-10 Metra rockets. The MD-450 was a very effective ground attack aircraft and exported to several countries.




I hope you enjoyed our update and keep an eye on our facebook-page as time may have some goodies out there for you. See you at the next Update...

view original at IDF:FFI Webpage

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