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Bf2142 Demo To Be Axed August 11, 2011

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Attention 200,000+ BF2142 Demo Players


CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR, the most heavily modified server side only BF2142 server in the world

and only 2142 air combat server. Exclusively in Demoland... http://airwar.air-war.org

Kiss it goodbye... your version of Battlefield.. is next...

It's been a pleasure, gentlemen...

Thanks to all the BFeditor.org members, who have helped answer my questions over the years, and rolled their eyes at my rants...

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If you don't know already, as scheduled, EA pulled the plug on BF2142 demo for PC.

Time of death: 1:14am Pacific, 8./11/2011.

I was actually right there holding its hand, working on a mod right as it passed away, and my demo server was full of players... go figure.

The end of an era.

And just as I predicted, you wouldn't be able to even login, as there is no longer a player database server listening. Someday this is going to happen to BF2, BF2142, and BF3. They just pull the plug, and your game no longer works, you're stuck at a login prompt. Nevertheless, thanks DICE for the code you did build, we had fun with it, even though it made me swear from hell to high water wondering... what were you thinking.

Porting my own server over to the BF2142 Full game now.... what a load of work :-/


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