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[Map] Test Airfield (4Km) [Released]

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I made this really quick test map a few months ago for the Project Reality Team to do aircraft testing on but thought I would release it to everyone who also wants to help contribute to aircraft coding etc :D

Its a basic map featuring all jets, choppers and a few land vehicles + AA systems with 2 air bases (one for bluefor, one for redfor) and also the USS Essex for testing chopper landing on ships and STOVL. The map also features a bombing range with bullseye for testing targeting systems and another bombing range out at sea for laser targeting, also a bunker to test bomb penetration (if that comes in) with some lookout towers for anyone wanting to spot. Runways are also over 2km long so if you can't take off and land on that your sh*t :P

Map's VD is currently 3km, and I dont get any performance issues with it like that, hardly anything on the map other than vehicles. Also the surrounding terrain you can fly over as there is no combat zone on this map so you can fly right to out there but there are a few small visual bugs with the cockpit sometimes disappearing etc when flying really far into the surrounding terrain but nothing big.

One thing everyone should know for testing. if you want to reload your jet without landing, near each team's airfield is a radio antenna, fly over that and you will be fully rearmed, kinda like vBF2 although you can land to rearm/repair but you need to go onto the "plane stand" in order to rearm/repair.

Also another thing, all the spawns other than a few are set to 10secs, and will spawn up to 5 of the defined object so 10secs after you move a jet/chopper off its spawn, a new jet/chopper of the same type will spawn in its place.

Another thing, there is also on top of the mountain in the NW corner (not in the surrounding terrain) a "heat" target object for you to fire Air to Air missiles at and in the water there are 2 boats (one for each faction, should be able to see one on your minimap) and both have laser targets attached to them to fire air to ground weapons at :)

The map is currently configured for Project Reality but your all welcome to reconfigure the map for your mod and do what you like with it, but please ask my permission first if you want to re-release the map in your mod or w/e.

Hope you guys find this useful :D

Download: http://realitymodfiles.com/rhino/levels/test_airfield_30-07-11.rar

L3DT minimap including surrounding terrain:
















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