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Dogfighting "mini Mod"


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This isn't really mod recruitment to be honest. My plan is only to get a few planes into the game, and maybe a simplistic map if existing ones can't be used.

I currently work professionally as a game artist. I can definitely model any of the stuff required, and texture, but i have very little experience making things work in the BF2 editor. What I really need is someone with the knowledge and some spare time to help me set things up and if possible, explain what they are doing so I can start doing it as well.

I've made my first vehicle and figured out how to get it as an object into the game. But I don't know how to make it functional, or how to test it.

I want to follow the "importing the car" tutorial but I cant find an active link to it. If nobody can spare the time to help me directly a functional link to more helpful material would be awesome.

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But why don't you try our hands-on tutorial where we make the prop-driven Seafury plane? There's a 3DS and a MAX model included and the working BF2 plane as well . It shows how to convert a basic textured plane model to a working BF2 PlyerControlObject, including creation of control surfaces, wheels etc. pp. :


In this thread we show all kinds of model hierachies :


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