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Exported An Object, Works In Editor, Hides In Game


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Hy everyone,

I've successfully exported an M4 Carabine into BF2, but I have a problem: It isn't there.

I double-checked if there's some mistake in the StaticObjetcs.con file, but no problem.

As a test, I put the standard USRIF_M4 neraby, and the same happens.

It looks like this in the Editor:


And in the game:


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Is the gun(folder) in the objects_client.zip and objects_server.zip in your mod?

The game reads from the zip files... you can see the gun in the editor but not ingame until

you package the mod or manually add the M4 gun files into the client and server.zip of your mod

Check out the stock guns in the objects_client.zip and objects_server.zip to get an idea of the file structure.

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Weapons ( GenericFireArms ) cannot be placd on a map like a static. They show in the editor but not in the game. If you want a static ( unusable ) weapon you need to create *.con and *.tweak like for a static and then use the wapons' geometry and collisionmesh in the files.

Note that handweapons don't have very good collisionmeshes, though.

If you want to spawn a usable weapon , instead use an ObjectSpawner and spawn one of the tri/bipod weapons.

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Okay, news: I tried another M4, because the one before was shitty, it can't be seen, but it's there, because i can't walk through it.

I shall mention that it has texture, but just in editor :(

Finally, I got it work.

Just to make it clear for the later readers of this topic, i exported as StaticMesh, used DXT 5 Alpha channeled mipmap-less .dds as texture and it works :)

I ask fot opnions 'bout it:


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