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3Ds Max Trouble (With The Tut On This Site!)


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max has five basic sub-object modes - Vertex, Edge, Face, Polygon and Element. these are (in my max version) just below the stack window in the sidebar whenever i have my navmesh mesh selected (your mesh must be an actual mesh, i.e. it must show up in the stack window as 'Editable Mesh' - right click and 'collapse all' if it does not)

click the sidebar Modify tab and look for five square buttons under the Selection dropdown box. you want the last one, which is Element. with that button clicked, click on the bit of your mesh that you want to keep and then go Edit > Select Invert. this will show you all the separate elements that are NOT connected to your main navmesh island, these must be either attached and welded to the main island or deleted

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If you continue to read the above tutorial thread , there's a shortcut to get your map running 'quick and dirty' . Take the largest island from /GTSData/debug/islands/ ( infantry or vehicle ) rename it to vehicle.obj resp. infantry.obj and place it in the output folder. Run the fixnavmesh and give it a try ingame.

This is not the optimum navmesh , mind you but it gives a single island . You should still struggle with 3DSMax ( or Wings3D or Blender .... ) to get the best navmesh possible after trying the workaround, though.

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