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How Do You Fake Looking Like A Ranked Server?

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I ported my demo server into the full game server, and I'm finding, nobody will join, because being the blind lemmings that players are, they do not even see the Advanced tab. They only think the servers that exist, are what they see in the Quick Pick list (I observed this same behavior in the demo land server - not showing up in the Quick Pick list was death for a server).

Because my server is unranked (I run my own rank system), it does not have a little rank icon by it, and so it is excluded from the Quick Pick list, which only shows servers that are md5 checksumed, ranked, punkbustered, and teamspeak enabled (all 5 icons lit). And my server has a nice little red flag by it indicating it is not md5 checksumed, because, wanting to run a highly modded server, the first thing we do is disable the md5 checksum files.


I hate having to kludge a system that is working, because of daft player mentality, but can anyone think of a way to fool the list into thinking your server is md5 checksummed and ranked, when its not, so it will show up in the Quick Pick? Or does anyone know anything about the Quick Pick list, and what criteria it uses to exclude servers. I use to think it was only based on listing servers that were not empty, and that had a low ping to you, but apparently in the full game, it is checking other variables to make the list far more exclusive....

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